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Friday, October 31, 2008

Worst In The World v 4.3 & 4.4

Unnamed Fox"News" Employee

Senator Elizabeth Dole

Dennis Prager

Bill O'Reilly

Pamela Gellar

Sarah Palin

For Everything Else, There's Reality

High-speed internet connection : $29.99/month

Website maintenance : $99.99/ month

Coming up with the wakiest Obama theory EVER : Priceless

It's Unconstitutional, Dontcha-Know

Wow. The shear energy that Palin must put into being this ignorant could probably power the city of LA for an entire summer:

Palin told WMAL-AM that her criticism of Obama's associations, like those with 1960s radical Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, should not be considered negative attacks. Rather, for reporters or columnists to suggest that it is going negative may constitute an attack that threatens a candidate's free speech rights under the Constitution, Palin said.

"If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations," Palin told host Chris Plante, "then I don't know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media."

From From ABC's Political Radar.

It's that classic fall-back position for Republicans. All you have to do is claim that you rights are being trampled on. Strange, I have been labouring under that assumption all these years that there was a "freedom of the press" as well.

Guess I fucked up.

You Would Think He Would Have A Reason

A McCain / Palin supporter decided he would protest outside an Obama rally.

Seems that it's far easier for Republicans stand around in groups and agree with one another on why Obama is bad. They never have a reason for saying that these things are bad, they just assume that they are and they agree with those assumption.

You'll notice that the lone protester in the video really has no answer, no reasoning, behind what he is saying or doing. He just does it.

Halloween Music Selections with Type O and The Misfits

The Misfits - Halloween ( Live 1983 )

Type O Negative - Black No. 1

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Not that I think Sarah Palin is my "baby", nor is this post implicitly about the KKK, but the classic punk-rock track by The Ramones happened to pop in my head when I read this from Max Blumenthal:

On Wednesday, I reported for The Daily Beast that key leaders of the white supremacist movement are seeking new opportunities to infiltrate and influence the political mainstream, particularly within the Republican base. An exclusive new video, shown here for the first time, offers new evidence of their strategic push.

In the video, shot by an amateur videographer who provided me exclusive access to his footage, an unidentified staffer from one of the country’s most popular white supremacist radio programs, The Political Cesspool, is seen promoting his show’s website at an October 13 rally for Sarah Palin in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Just feet away, Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, hands out fliers and recruits volunteers to canvas for McCain-Palin.

Though neither Political Cesspool nor Randall Terry have any known contact with the McCain-Palin campaign, their presence at the recent Palin rally presents one of the clearest portraits yet of the far right’s attempts to exploit the Republican base’s anti-Obama resentment for organizational gain.

It has become increasingly apparent that some of the more fringe elements of the Right are wanting their voices heard in this election. It will be interesting to see if McCain or Palin distance themselves or simply ignore the issue.

I'm fairly certain they won't trot out the new "face-of-the-moment" from this group - Joe The Skinhead.

Hypno-bama and LOL-tastic Right-Wing Logic

Rush Limbaugh, that seething mass of oxycotin-fueled flesh, seems to think that Obama has power over people because he has mastered the art of "mass hypnosis".

You can't make this up:

"I do remember reading that the highly educated are the most susceptible to being hypnotized, so that would put me in the risk group, ladies and gentlemen. And yet, I'm going to watch Obama tonight."

"If you do watch Obama tonight, here's the sign that I want you to make for your TV: 'Do not be hypnotized. You are listening to a socialist.'"


Apparently, he actually believes this. Check out this video from YouTube.

One has to wonder if Rush lays on the cool tile in his bathroom late at night and, waiting for the Ambien to kick it, rocks himself back and forth while murmuring the word "Lib-ruuuuls" over and over.

Infomercial Experts?

Ed Morrissey is known to stretch as far as he can in order to make a point. His of critique Barack Obama's 30 minute campaign special is no different.

When one program dominates its time slot by simulcasting on five different networks, the producers obviously intend on making it must-see TV. Barack Obama’s infomercial fell far short. Despite its multiple platforms, it could only garner 21.7% of the households in the US. The debates drew far more:

He then sites a NY Post article which quotes 2 "informercial experts":

Two leading infomercial stars agree: Barack Obama’s half-hour self-promotion last night was a flop.
“I don’t see enough smiling. Doom and gloom totally,” said Anthony Sullivan, one of the biggest names in infomercial history.
“I feel depressed right now,” added Sullivan, an Englishman famous for his infomercials touting the Swivel Sweeper and Smart Chopper. The only thing saving Obama, Sullivan said, was when the candidate appeared live at the end speaking at a rally in Florida. …
He and AJ Khubani, who has produced infomercials for 25 years, said Obama also fell short of offering solutions to the dire problems he laid out.
“I didn’t see a payoff. Classic infomercial is you show the before and you show the after. I didn’t see the music or the crashing waves of the Pacific,” Sullivan said.

Are you serious?

Yeah, let's be all upbeat about a failing economy, people losing jobs, families without healthcare, and have this sacrine-like, sweet, fakeness that is pervasive in just about all "infomercials".

So, we are to believe that 2 guys that sell cheep, tacky, crap on late-night television have the background to critique an ad that is about helping people decide who the next President should be.


No Saving-Throw Can Help Goldfarb Now

Rick Sanchez isn't one of my favorite anchors to watch on CNN, but he does have some great moments. Here's a good example where he makes McCain campaign spokesman Micheal Goldfarb drop a load in his superman underoos on love TV.

Goldfarb is the guy that likened Obama supporters to D&D players:

It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman's memory of war from the comfort of mom's basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others.

Micheal, Sanchez just took a +4 Vorpal sword to your skull.


Does Palin Even Know Where She Is Most Of The Time?

Not to suggest that Sarah Palin is "dumb", but it seems that she has taken to her speech-coaching a little too well. She can recite the lines at the drop of a hat. She has the ability to recall talking-points at lightning speed. Her political-Pavlovian response is quite a sight to behold.

One of the aspects of an entertainer - which is all Palin is, really - is the ability to "work the crowd" no matter where they are. Seems she hasn't learned that part yet.

"We not only provide wealth to the sponsors of terror, we provide high-value targets to the terrorists themselves," Palin said. "Across the world are pipelines, refineries, transit routes and terminals for the oil we rely on. And al-Qaida terrorists know where they are."

Palin spoke after touring Xunlight Corp., one of a handful of solar technology startup companies in Toledo, a struggling industrial city in this swing state. The city's leaders are hoping that the solar companies will create jobs to replace some of those lost by downsizing in the auto industry.

But Palin made only a passing reference to solar power in her speech and instead renewed her call for more drilling in U.S. coastal waters. She repeated her signature anthem, "drill, baby, drill," which seemed to fall a bit flat on the audience at the plant even as it's become a popular chant at her rallies.

That's right. She told a group of people who are doing their part to create jobs and are actually doing more than talking that it's important to "drill". Nevermind that these companies have nothing to do with oil, the woman has a script to stick to.

Next up, watch for Sarah Palin to visit an Indian reservation and tell them how greatful they should feel on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everything Is Bigger In Texas, Including Ignorance

A new poll from The University of Texas shows, in one of it's sections, that there are a lot of people that think Obama is a Muslim:

When asked to identify Obama’s religion, 45 percent of respondents accurately identified him as Protestant, however 23 percent erroneously identified him as Muslim.

Not only does this show that 1/4 of the Texas population are ignorant, but those same people more than likely think that all Muslims are terrorists.

Not to be completely outdone, my home state of Kentucky seems to have the same problem:

Despite heavy national media attention about Obama's faith, more than half of likely Republican voters — 54 percent — and one of every four Democrats in the state do not know that the Democratic presidential nominee is a Christian, the poll found.

The poll showed that 14 percent of likely Kentucky voters — 28 percent of Republicans, 4 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of independents — think Obama adheres to the Muslim faith.

While the Kentucky poll focuses on "likely voters" I have talked to no less than 5 people where I work that tell me they aren't going to vote this year. It would be interesting to see what non-voting Kentuckians have to say.



More here, including this little gem about the crowd:

A local school district official confirmed after the event that of the 6,000 people estimated by the fire marshal to be in attendance this morning, more than 4,000 were bused in from schools in the area. The entire 2,500-student Defiance School District was in attendance, the official said, in addition to at least three other schools from neighboring districts, one of which sent 14 buses.

So where is Joe, you ask?

“Joe” — aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, a Holland, Ohio, pipe-and-toilet man — just signed with a Nashville public relations and management firm to handle interview requests and media appearances, as well as create new career opportunities, including a shift out of the plumbing trade into stage and studio performances.

Yeah, I'm not kidding.

Preacher Man

The Hollywood Reporter brings good news for comic fans. Vertigo's PREACHER series could be coming to a theatre near you:

Created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, "Preacher," which ran from 1995-2000, told the story of a down-and-out Texas preacher possessed by Genesis, a supernatural entity conceived by the unnatural coupling of an angel and a demon.

Given immense powers, the preacher teamed with an old girlfriend and a hard-drinking Irish vampire and set out on a journey across America to find God -- who apparently had abandoned his duties in heaven -- and hold him accountable for his negligence.

Getting a "Preacher" project off the ground has long been a favorite among the comic book literati in town, though none has been blessed to see completion. The project was previously set up as a one-hour series at HBO but was put into turnaround. Mark Steven Howard wrote a pilot which Howard Deutch was attached to direct.

A previous movie version, to have been produced by Kevin Smith's View Askew, among others, got to the casting stage, with James Marsden attached for the title role and a reported budget of $25 million.

The new "Preacher" has no writers on board, though Mendes will lead the search while putting the finishing touches on his drama "Revolutionary Road, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and due Dec. 26.

It's great to see that PREACHER has a solid, serious director in place. While Constantine was a fun film, I'm looking for PREACHER to be even better.

Also, Mendes is no stranger to adaptations. He also directed the adaptation of the graphic novel Road To Perdition.

Wonder How Much Money "Diddy" Thinks He Should Get From This Film

Considering that Sean Combs made his entire career off the death of his fellow rapper and good friend, I'd look for him to have his hand out once the box-office receipts start coming in.

Never was that much of a fan of his music, but his life and tragic death are the stuff of legends.

Should be interesting.

The Foxy Business Of Punditry

It's common knowledge that Fox"News" loves them some Republicans in power. They will, and have, done just about anything a "news" organization can do in order to distribute as much propoganda as possible.

When it comes to Barack Obama, it's even more evident that they are willing to do or say just about anything.

But, when it turns out that John McCain should be part of the conversation, the pundits, analysts, and "experts" don't seem to see how that is relevant to the discussion.

During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

A 1998 tax filing for the McCain-led group shows a $448,873 grant to Khalidi's Center for Palestine Research and Studies for work in the West Bank. (See grant number 5180, "West Bank: CPRS" on page 14 of this PDF.)

The relationship extends back as far as 1993, when John McCain joined IRI as chairman in January. Foreign Affairs noted in September of that year that IRI had helped fund several extensive studies in Palestine run by Khalidi's group, including over 30 public opinion polls and a study of "sociopolitical attitudes."

Of course, there's seemingly nothing objectionable with McCain's organization helping a Palestinian group conduct research in the West Bank or Gaza. But it does suggest that McCain could have some of his own explaining to do as he tries to make hay out of Khalidi's ties to Obama.

More from Seth Colter Walls here.

Of course, Sarah Palin has to be defended as well on Fox - for now.

In the continuing saga of "guilt-by-association" on Fox"News", Republican Micheal Steele finally came out and admitted that he thinks it's not relevant because a "liberal" - Alan Colmes, asked the same question of Palin that he is asking of Obama:

You can find more on this and the above story from Newshounds.

Given the fact that Fox is willing to dive head-first into the shallow end of the pool, people began to realize that they would eventually slip-up and have a "guest" or use a "source" that was, to put it mildly, not the best choice.

This happened when Sean Hannity used Andy Martin, a known anti-semitic racist, during his epic "Obama Has Radical Associations Be Afraid" program. Rather than checking to see if his guest had a dark past of his own, he just ran with it because it was another chance to try and make Obama look bad.

Fox finally came out and said that it was a "bad choice". But, so far, Hannity doesn't seem to be bothered with it. After all, he's still getting his paycheck every week.

What Is A Man To Do To Make You Really Fear "The Gay"?

Why, compare them to Nazis, of course:

Julia Rosen has more.

It troubles me that people don't seem interested in noting that there is no evidence that proves that a gay coupling being married, or adopting children, destroys anything. In fact, the number 1 destructor of "the family" is divorce.

What If Hollywood Worked For McCain : Pt II

Now, we look at what it would be like if McCain had his attack-ads directed by Diablo Cody, M. Night Shyamalan, and David Lynch:

More Reasons To Vote

From writers from teh Daily Show and ATHF.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't You Think We Should Hear From Joe "Six-Pack"

See more Thomas Haden Church videos at Funny or Die

Don't Vote......... NOT!!!!

Hump-Day Jams featuring Ice Cube and George Clinton

This track will always remind my of my first year away from home, at college.

Great tune for the start of some great times.

Bop Gun

The Craziest "Preacher" On Earth

I don't even think Sean Hannity is crazy enough to bring this guy on his programs.

If you're wondering what else this guy does, you can check out his church website.

Not only does he think that Obama, Wright, and Oprah are "teh Gays", he thinks carrots can sure cancer.3


Turns out Pastor Manning was on Hannity and Colmes, and Hannity he defended Obama?

Actually, Hannity just didn't want someone else sneaking in and taking over his territory. He thinks he should have a monopoly on lying about Obama.

That's MY Ocean Perch! No, It's MINE!!!

Seems that Palin might have been just a little correct when she claimed she had foreign relations experience. Maybe.

Robert Draper of GQ had a converation with McCain campaign go-to-guy Mark Salter:

In mid-September, I was having a drink with Salter and asked him about how the senator and the Alaska governor got along. “Well, they’re kindred spirits,” he replied. He then segued into McCain’s fascination with Todd Palin’s snowmobiling feats—though allowing that the First Dude was a somewhat “laconic” storyteller. I asked Salter if he had a sense of Governor Palin’s grasp of national security issues. He brought up the Russia talking point, amplifying it thusly: “They border Russia. People mock that. But they have, like, fishing disputes.”

more here

Suprisingly, when this little nugget-of-joy was presented to Greg Jarrett on Fox"News", he actually called-out Tyler Harbor for trying to push it as valid experience.

Something tells me that Jarrett got a little "talking-to" by management after this.

Worst In The World 4.3

Anonymous State Election Board of virginia Employee

Rush Limbaugh

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly

Joe Lieberman

Chad Michel Morrisette

Reason # 2043 Why You Shouldn't Trust Touch-Screen Voting

Even after it is "recalibrated" it still switches votes.

If anyone at any polling place directs you to a touch-screen machine, you have every right to ask for a paper ballot.

Dirty Jobs? VERY Dirty Jobs

holy shit.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picture If You Will, A Senator, Named Palin

Via twasserman @ Daily Kos.

If Ted Stevens is re-elected to the US Senate after his felony conviction, he could be expelled by a vote of 2/3 of the Senate. If that happens, Gov. Palin would have to call an election to fill the open seat.

As I understand it, she would be eligible to run for the open seat. If she won, she would then join John McCain and get a close-up view of what the Vice President actually does (not much). She might even learn how the Senate (and Congress) actually works.

That would make her the leading candidate for the 2012 Republican nomination. Palin vs. Romney would be a very ugly primary campaign, but the thought of either of them in the White House is truly scary.

Quite a bit can happen in 4 years.

Sarah Palin might not be the "prettiest girl in school" by that time.

True, she could - if actually elected - gain a wealth of knowledge of how things really are in Washington. She would more than likely shed that homespun demeanor, that girl-next-door schtick, and become some other-worldly creature that would be unrecognizable to the Republican base.

One has to ask the question, has Palin already thought of this?

With the focus being primarily on her ever since McCain plucked her out of the ether in September, it's quite likely that she is laboring under the false assumption that solely because the crew at Fox "love her", that the Republican base as so enraptured with the "pretty lights and shiney colors", that this is going to be a lasting relationship. She seems to be acting as if it really is her name at the top of the ticket.

McCain sources say Palin has gone off-message several times, and they privately wonder whether the incidents were deliberate. They cited an instance in which she labeled robocalls -- recorded messages often used to attack a candidate's opponent -- "irritating" even as the campaign defended their use. Also, they pointed to her telling reporters she disagreed with the campaign's decision to pull out of Michigan.

A second McCain source says she appears to be looking out for herself more than the McCain campaign.

"She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone," this McCain adviser said. "She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else.

"Also, she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party. Remember: Divas trust only unto themselves, as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom."

If, in fact, she does have aspirations outside of the McCain campaign, she will soon learn that it's no longer "all about her".

Biting The Hand That Feeds

Richard Dreyfuss was on the View today to "publicize" Oliver Stone's latest film "W", in which he plays Dick Cheney.

When asked why he made the film, he said he did it for "money." Dreyfuss also said, "I think it's 6/8ths of a great film."

Asked how it was to work with Oliver Stone, he said "imagine working for Sean Hannity... you can be a fascist, even when you're on the left."

He also said he isn't sure the film "will have any historical legs."

Huffington Post has the video here.

While this might come as a shock to some, it is not uncommon for actors to not completely enjoy a particular movie that they have been in. I'm reminded of Mel Gibson's comments about Wim Wender's film "Million Dollar Hotel", calling it "as boring as a dogs ass".

Let's not forget that this is the same guy that complained about Jaws.

Also, Oliver Stone doesn't have a reputation of being a director that everyone enjoys working with. Many directors aren't people that you can just "pal-around" with.

In the end, Dreyfuss looked at this as a job, nothing more. But, one would at least expect at least a modest amount of courtesy from a great actor.

Tuesday Afternoon Musical Agression featuring Korn

Most bands will never be able to duplicate the power of their first LP.

This is true with KORN as much as any band.

While their sophomore release had it's signature moments, you could already tell that they were going to become nothing more than a caricature of themselves.

Luckily, we can still listen to the first album, and it sounds as fresh as day one.

Helmet In The Bush

Megyn Kelly Really Wants To Keep Her Job

Megyn Kelly has been quite the fireball lately, hasn't she?

Perhaps she's trying to prove to her bosses that her contract needs to be renewed at a higher-dollar value, seeing as how her interviewing style is becoming more Hannity-esque, more like O'Reilly's.

Check out this exchange with Obama spokesman Bill Burton regarding Fox's latest, favorite "news" story - Obama's redistribution comments:

This exchange was promted when Burton released this statement:

"This is a fake news controversy drummed up b the all too common alliance of Fox News, the Drudge Report and John McCain, who apparently decided to close out his campaign with the same false, desperate attacks that have failed for months. In this seven year old interview, Senator Obama did not say that the courts should get into the business of redistributing wealth at all. Americans know that the real choice in this election is between four more years of Bush-McCain policies that redistribute billions to billionaires and big corporations and Barack Obama's plan to help the middle class by giving tax relief to 95% of workers and companies that create new jobs here in America. That's the change we need, and no amount of eleventh-hour distractions from the McCain campaign will change that."

Megyn Kelly, and all Fox"News" employees, have no choice but to argue in such terms as "fair" and "balanced". They live off of glittering generalities and beauty-pagent answers ( that's why they love Palin so much ) and will never be able to directly refute any claim that they are a legitimate source of news.

I've been trying to find just one of the multiple polls that Kelly cited and I can't find anything.


No "N" Word At Iowa?

Well, according to some sources it's another "hoax".

Considering the fact that the shout is somewhat muffled, you could easily make the case that this woman was shouting "HEY WHATS FOR DINNER?!?!?!" or maybe "YOU'RE SUCH A SINNER". How about "I STANK THE SHITTER"? Maybe.

Regardless of what any of the more popular conservative or progressive blogs say, it stands to reason that some of the overtly-angry shouts of Republican voters this election cycle have been tinged with racism.

It's a fact.

Is the woman shouting "He's Just A Nigger"?

Possibly. But who cares what she thinks, honestly.

Part of the psychology behind making the statement that some faceless, angry woman stood up and shouted "REDISTRIBUTOR!!!!" relies heavily on having that same, muffled, audio repeated over, and over, and over, and over with the word "redistributor" staring right back at you.

The mind begins to hear it.

This doesn't make it true by any means, it just means that you are being told what to hear.

This is also true of the "n-bomb".

But, it seems far more rational - given the elevated sense of hatred toward Obama - that angry, white, Republicans are going to drop that word at some point.

I'm not going to get all flustered and rant about whether they said or didn't say it. I simply don't buy the new rationalization.


By who?

A Little Humor For This Morning

A woman in a hot air balloon (let’s call her Sarah) realized she was lost.
She lowered her altitude and spotted a fisherman in a boat below.
She shouted to him, “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”
The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, “You’re in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2346 feet above sea level.
You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “You must be a Democrat.”
“I am,” replied the man. “How did you know?”
“Well,” answered the balloonist, “everything you told me is technically correct , but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I’m still lost. Frankly, you’ve not been much help to me.”

The man smiled and responded, “You must be a Republican.”
“I am,” replied the balloonist. “How did you know?”
“Well,” said the man, “you don’t know where you are or where you are going.
You’ve risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You’re in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it’s my fault.”

So true.

Of Angry Republicans And Honest Questions

From the looks of things, some Republicans across the nation are starting to fear that they won't have jobs in the Congress or Senate next year.

As the election draws closer, tempers flare and people start to do stupid things.

Take North Carolina Republican Frank Wolf and his staff:

From Raising Kane:

According to both camps, the two Feder staffers, one carrying a video camera, approached Wolf and peppered him with questions. Dan Scandling, Wolf's campaign spokesman, said the two workers had been "circling" Wolf, his wife Carolyn and congressional staffer Ben Dutton, and asking aggressive questions in an attempt to provoke an angry response.

"The campaign apologizes if Ben used poor judgment and hit him with his cane," Scandling said. But he said the reaction was "provoked." The two Feder staffers had been egging him on with questions like, "How does it feel to be in the real Virginia?" Scandling said.

[Feder spokeswoman Marisa] McNee, however, said that Kent and Goodman were trying to nail down Wolf on his position on health care. Moreover, she said, nothing justifies physical violence. She said the two campaign workers, who also approached Wolf at an event in McLean on Saturday, are considering whether to file a complaint with the police. Neither was injured.

So, since someone is trying to get a simple answer to a simple question, that's validation for assault?

Assassination Plots And The Lunatic Fringe : "Big Deal"

Right-wingers love to cast stones at anyone who makes a passing comment about Dick Cheney, or Tony Snow, or whatever prominent Republican idealogue they fancy at the moment.

Granted, death-wishes are pathetic and serve no greater purpose. But, when those same "wingers" cast aside a credible and dangerous threat to not only Obama but to average citizens simply because the target are not within their sphere of political thought, then I think they should be called on it.

Such is the case with the conservatvie blog HotAir.

While the initial post by Allahpundit handles the issue rather fairly, some of his commentors don't really seem to think this is all that important:

Geees, Can’t a couple of guys drink a few beers and fantisize without it being against the law anymore?

1sttofight on October 27, 2008 at 5:09 PM

Yawn. Wake me up when there’s a credible threat.

SouthernGent on October 27, 2008 at 5:15 PM

I’m glad they got to these guys, but I’m cynical enough not to believe this entirely. To use that tired old phrase “how conveeeeeenient” 8 days before election day.

Guess we’ll see as more info comes out.

TeeDee on October 27, 2008 at 5:17 PM

I would give more serious attention to this if it were coming from the Secret Service. ATF? Not so much.

Fletch54 on October 27, 2008 at 5:31 PM

Big deal. So what? Who cares?

HornetSting on October 27, 2008 at 5:44 PM

The timing of this news release is suspect. The ATF, FBI, CIA, State and other bureaucracies are loaded with career federal employees, most liberals.

wepeople on October 27, 2008 at 6:30 PM

You get the idea.

However, these people have a right to be as willfully ignorant, as seethingly stupid, as adle-brained as they want to be. And, it is also my right to point out their hypocirsy as well.

Damn Right I'm Taking Nov 4th Off

Michelle Malkin, ever the politically-minded conservative that she is, seems to have her knickers in a twist this morning. She's upset that many Obama supporters might take off work, might not go to class all day, might decide to volunteer on election day.

I mean, how dare these people do something patriotic.

The latest directive from Dear Leader’s National Field Director, Jon Carson, instructing cultists to take Election Day off and skip out of work and classes for The One.

The pursuit of “Higher Purpose” requires Obama followers to skip out of their jobs and play hooky from school — while others pick up the slack.

While Malkin's posting shows that she has practically given-up on McCain winning this election and would rather claim that Obama-supporters are all lazy, it is the comments section that sheds more light onto what her followers - and potentially she - really think.

In-point-of-fact, many elementary and high-schools will not be in session. Some Universities have no specific policy about Election Day and it is generally left up to individual professors to either have or cancel classes. Regional and local banks may be closed. Also, the comodoties markets have been known to be closed on November 4th, and all businesses are required by law to give employees ample time to vote.

But, what off the people that are taking a vacation day? What off the people that have planned to take this day off for some time? I'm pretty sure some of those people aren't going to be voting for Obama. Are they lazy too Michelle?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Stay Classy Iowa

The next video, you'll hear the lady scream at about 6:32

There have been several mentions within the conservative blogging community ( and within the "mainstream media" ) that Palin doesn't hear things shouted from teh crowd.

I'm pretty sure she heard that one.

Voter Purging In Georgia

Kayla Berry received a letter October the 9th stating that she had a week from the time it was dated to prove her citizenship. The postmark was October 2nd.

She was being purged from the voter rolls even though she is a documented US citizen.

More from

Berry is one of more than 50,000 registered Georgia voters who have been "flagged" because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. At least 4,500 of those people are having their citizenship questioned and the burden is on them to prove eligibility to vote.

Experts say lists of people with mismatches are often systematically cut, or "purged," from voter rolls.

It's a scenario that's being repeated all across the country, with cases like Berry's raising fears of potential vote suppression in crucial swing states.

The CNN article has recently been updated to show how this same tactic is being used in other states such as Ohio and Wisconsin.

Monday Afternoon Jams featuring Tool

Probably the only ( or one of the very few ) bands that have videos that aren't pointless.


Watchmen : 2008 Scream Awards Trailer

I can't wait!!!!

Florida McCain Campaign Video

Via TheUptake

Even as the Republicans are screaming "voter fraud" in relation to ACORN, it's interesting to note that a McCain staffer didn't want any of the "paid volunteers" interviewed.

Lorisir @ DailyKos made this observation about the "paid volunteers":

My favorite moment is at about 3:15 when she is talking with a paid "volunteer" who laughs at the idea that he is paid (even he knows it's ridiculous) and seems reluctant to say yes he is "with the campaign". It doesn't seem like he is reluctant because of any nondisclosure agreement but more because he is not really "with" them if you know what I mean

They Probably Believe It

A lot has been said about Jerome Corsi, Micheal "Weiner" Savage, And Limbaugh.

Some people think they just say the things they do to bolster ratings, to enrage the most fringe of conservative republicans, or to just say it because they have a "right" to say it.

I, on the other hand, am starting to think that maybe - just maybe - these idiots actually believe the stuff that they continually vomit out and know their faithful followers will swallow:

More here from Media Matters.

What else would you expect from these guys. They know their party is about to face one of the most spectacular losses in Election history.

Better Than Most Career Reporters

Damon is awesome.

Wish that I had opportunities like this in the 5th grade.

While Biden didn't get into the logistics of what it means to do any and EVERYTHING the VP is responsible for, he spoke directly to what Damon - and probably many in his age group - are curious about. He treated Damon like an adult, something that seems to be lacking on the part of the Republican contendors when they speak to just about anyone.

Damon is more of a professional than just about all of those on the Fox"News" payroll.

Great Job.

This Is So Sexist

Elizabeth Hasselbeck recently joined Sarah Palin in Tampa, Florida for a rally.

In her introduction, she criticized any and all media that are calling into question the necessity for Palin to be adorned with $150,000 worth of new clothing, make-up, et al.

Nothing says "adressing the important issues" like having Elizabeth "I Cry So I Don't Have To Answer Relevant Questions" Hasselbeck as your opening act.

It's starting to feel like the McCain / Palin ticket is simply trying to maintain what limited momentum they have within the most fringe of their party, seeing as how these are going to be the only votes that they get.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Last Ashley Todd Post, I Promise

Let's put aside the fact that this is not suprising.

Let's also not forget that there are people out their crazy enough to literally attack people for their beliefs.

But, this is just sad.

Michelle Malkin says thinks it's all about her now:

Can I say I told you so?

I’ve covered hate crimes hoaxes long enough to know one when I smell one.

Those of you who trashed me in comments might want to think twice before doubting my instincts next time.

And those of you on the left who are now so interested in debunking despicable hate crimes might show a little more skepticism yourselves next time when similar narratives hit the news pages involving politically correct hoaxers who share your politics.

And boy, her followers sure do line-up fast to lick as much of her ass as they can. This is a mass digital rim-job not soon to be outdone.


Also typical are some of the responses on her blog that are already whining like children who've had their toys taken away. They are upset that this is going to be reported:

On October 24th, 2008 at 3:56 pm, Brian72 said:
What do you wanna bet that this hoax will now suddenly be a HUGE story that will be flogged for days on end, and reviving the “ugly republican” line from last week.

Now that it’s fake, it’s going to be news. If it had been true, no one would care in the MSM. No one cared that woman with a McCain sign was assaulted in the face and injured by an Obama person. Nothing to see here move along.

Some one may or may not have yelled something that may or may not have been offensive in a crowd or 15,000 people!

The whole Republican Party are hatemongers! Film at 11

Some are even postulating that this was all some Democratic scheme:

On October 24th, 2008 at 3:56 pm, rightwingrocker said:

I still wouldn’t be surprised to find that the Donks had planted her there and set this all up trying to make the Republicans look bad.

Not saying they did, but they certainly have the potential and the mentality for it.


Regardless of the stories outcome, it is relevant because of the atmosphere it was perpetrated in.

You Won't Hear About This From O'Reilly Or Hannity Tonight

Turns out that Ashley Todd did it to herself.

SilentPatriot @ C&L is a little kinder to the conservative bloggers for how they approached this than I was:

This story was fishy from the start, and while it's sad that anyone would go to such lengths in order to fabricate a political story, I'm glad the truth has come out. This is probably the only time I'll ever say this, but kudos to Michelle Malkin and the some of the more reasonable right-wingers out there who called foul from the very start. Another interesting facet of the story: John Moody, executive VP of FOX News, is on record saying that, if true, this story could sink Obama. If not, says Moody, McCain is done. We're awaiting your update, John. Jon Perr adds: "Joe the Plumber" has been replaced by "Ashley the Fraud."

This story, regardless of its outcome, was going to be bad.

It will be interesting to see how the press plays this out over the weekend.


Here's what Fox Executive VP John Moody had to say about this last night on his blog:

this incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election. If Ms. Todd's allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

"If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."

Michelle Bachman : A Case Study In Ignorance

This is something that you would expect to hear from someone who knew nothing of the 2005 French Riots other than what Fox"News" was telling her.

Moderator: Given the recent rioting in France that is the result of a sub-culture that has not assimilated, what would you do to make sure that a similar situation does not take place in America?


Michele Bachmann: I just want to say only in France, only in France could you have suburban youth rioting because the welfare benefits aren't generous enough. And that's... That's what they're telling us now is happening there. And only in France could that happen.

From The Up-Take.

These statement are from a debate that was held when Bachman was initially running for her Congressional seat for Minnesota. One has to wonder how someone with such seething discontent for anyone that doesn't conform to her utterly canted view of the world - of reality - was able to garner enough votes to win a Congressional position.

Friday Afternoon Classic Rock featuring Thin Lizzy

Cowboy Song

Joe The Plumber, Meet Sarah - The Fashionista

When confronted about the $150 grand that the RNC spent for Sarah's clothing, she is quoted in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckerman as saying:

That whole thing is just, bad!

Oh, if people only knew how frugal we are

It's kind of painful to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported,"

She then proceeds to deny, deny, deny even though financial disclosure documents show it to be true, true, true.

Well, it seems that she has become so used to getting not only her way but getting the clothes she wants, there was a little "wardrobe issue" on Saturday Night Live.

Of Palin, Broecker said, "In speaking with her, I had to get her to understand why she needed to wear the same thing as Tina [Fey]. We had gone off and created it for the first time a month ago, a look we identified as Sarah Palin. She had moved on in her own image of herself. I said, 'I know you've moved on ­ you're wearing tighter clothes, more black ­ but this is the character of Sarah Palin.''

The compromise, he said, was Palin returning in her own clothes the second time she appeared on the show to cheer on Amy Poehler's Palin-themed rap.

And now, it's come to light that Palin's highest paid staffer is

wait for it

her "make-up artist".

And this woman is of the party that spent weeks worth of coverage on John Edward's $400 haircuts.


Brian Williams: Back to the notion of terrorists and terrorism, this word has come up in relation to Mr. Ayers -- hanging out with terrorist – domestic terrorists. It is said that it gives it a vaguely post uh 9-11 hint, using that word, that we don’t normally associate with domestic crimes. Are we changing the definition? Are the people who set fire to American cities during the ‘60’s terrorists, under this definition? Is an abortion clinic bomber a terrorist under the definition?

Sarah Palin: There is no question that Bill Ayers via his own admittance was um one who sought to destroy our US Capitol and our Pentagon -- that is a domestic terrorist. There’s no question there. Now others who would want to engage in harming innocent Americans or um facilities, that uh, it would be unacceptable -- I don’t know if you could use the word terrorist, but its unacceptable and it would not be condoned of course on our watch. I don’t know if what you are asking is if I regret referring to Bill Ayers as an unrepentant domestic terrorist. I don’t regret characterizing him as that.

Brian Williams: I’m just asking what other categories you would put in there. Abortion clinic bombers? Protesters in cities where fires were started, Molotov cocktails, were thrown? People died.

Sarah Palin: I would put in that category of Bill Ayers anyone else who would seek to destroy our United States Capitol and our Pentagon and would seek to destroy innocent Americans.

Why couldn't she just say "yes"?

It's not a difficult question. It isn't designed to back Palin into a corner - though this will be painted as such by conservative bloggers and Fox"News". It's almost a guarantee.

Palin is very trainable, as is readily apparent in any and all interviews that are not conducted by members of Fox"News". She calls up her script with such ease that she often doesn't realize that she isn't even answering the question, even when offered a second chance.

Then again, perhaps she is avoiding applying the "terrorist" label to those that wish to harm those that she - and her party - are opposed to.

The later is highly likely.

Craig Not Up For The Thunder God

Seems that the guys behind the upcoming film production of THOR are itching for some top-notch talent to handle Mjolnir.

From writer Stephanie Sanchez @ IESB.

James Bond has invaded Beverly Hills today with stars Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko and director Mark Forster attending the press day for the 22nd Bond film Quantum of Solace.

IESB's Robert Sanchez talked with both Olga and Daniel, who actually had a bit to say about another widely known hero, THOR, who is currently set up over at MARVEL for a 2010 release with Kenneth Branagh attached to direct.

IESB asked if Craig was interested in doing something a little different character-wise, like Thor?

Craig said no, he turned it down and laughed about it.

Sanchez continued, “seriously, I heard the folks over at Marvel had you on a short list to be Thor.”

Craig said yes they [Marvel] did approach him but he turned it down. He added jokingly, it would have been too much of a power trip, both Bond and Thor, and running around with long hair and a hammer.

Personally I think they would have had to use some major CGI to make Craig look bigger and taller, THOR was by no means a small man, not to say Craig is either, but his stature certainly doesn't fit the bill.

The search for THOR continues!

While Craig embodies the razor sharp cool of James Bond, he is certainly not Norse God material.

The name being floated right now is - god help us - WWE wrestler Triple H.

If that's the case, don't expect much from this movie.

Passing Judgement Both Ways Just In Case

Some bloggers are feeding at both ends of the trough in regards to a story of an alleged assault on a female college Republican in Pittsburg:

PITTSBURGH -- A 20-year-old woman who was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield was also maimed by her attacker, apparently because of her political views, Pittsburgh police said.

Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, said she was using an ATM at Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street just before 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her and put a knife to her throat.

Police spokeswoman Diane Richard said the robber took $60 from Todd, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim's car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using a dull knife to scratch the letter "B" into her face, Richard said.

"She further stated that the male actor approached her from the back again and hit her in the back of her head with an object, she doesn't know what the object was, causing her to fall to the ground where he continued to punch her and kick her and threaten to 'teach her a lesson' for being a McCain supporter," Richard said.

More here from Pittsburg station WTAE Channel 4.

What is interesting to note is that the lunatic-fringe Right are at each others throats trying to hash-out a way to use this. It's either a brutal "hate-crime" or it's a "hoax".

There's a predictably obtuse sense of "they really want this to be true". Not in-so-much as they have any overt sense of empathy or sorrow for what happened to this girl - whether she was attacked or she did this to herself - but it is so close to election day that any weapon to turn the tied in their favor would be welcome, no matter what the cost.

As far as I'm concerned, this situation reveals much about people on the Right.

This isn't to say that they shouldn't have their opinions, their theories of what might have or might not have happened. But, to be actively cheering on some level that this is true is beyond pathetic.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, these same people are keeping just enough distance from saying "Obama supporters did this" so they can back-peddle without catching too much flak.

It's a very think line that they are walking. But, some of these people make a fairly comfortable living like this. They spew hatered and divisiveness only until they sense they are about to cross that point where the eject-button won't work.

This is one of those moments.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Byron, You Got Some Explaining ( Spin ) To Do

Fox"News" and right-wing bloggers are all over this.

Byron York of the National Review recently wrote a piece on Palin, how she has "performed" of late, and what her "experience" says of her.

The opening quote was cited by CNN's Drew Griffin during an interview with Sarah Palin

Here's what York wrote:

Watching press coverage of the Republican candidate for vice president, it's sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or — or, well, all of the above. Palin, the governor of Alaska, has faced more criticism than any vice-presidential candidate since 1988, when Democrats and the press tore into Dan Quayle. In fact, Palin may have it even worse than Quayle, since she's taking flak not only from Democrats and the press but from some conservative opinion leaders as well.

After John McCain unexpectedly chose Palin as his running mate, reporters raced to Alaska to look into her family life, including her teenage daughter's pregnancy; into her per diem expense requests; into her controversial firing of the state's public-safety commissioner; into her husband's role as informal adviser; into the gifts she received; and into much more. Those investigations have yielded hundreds of stories. But Palin's time in the governor's office hasn't been all, or even mostly, family drama and minor controversy. She was also, lest we forget, the state's chief executive. So, what did she do every day? How deeply involved was she in the workings of government? What were her priorities?

And also: Before Palin moved into the governor's office, she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, population 7,028. How did she adjust to a big new job? Was she up to it? What was her learning curve? Discovering how she made that transition could tell us how she might handle becoming vice president.

Yes, there are legitimate concerns about Palin's lack of experience. Who wouldn't, at the very least, wish that she had more time in the governor's office on her résumé? But a look at Palin's 20 months in power, along with interviews with people who worked with her, shows her to be a serious executive, a governor who picked important things to do and got them done — and who didn't just stumble into an 80 percent job-approval rating.

The funny thing is, that Byron York has a piece up at NRO where he says this in regards to Drew Griffin quoting his piece:

Actually, no one wrote the "quote" that Griffin read to Palin. But I began a recent magazine piece (unfortunately not available on the web, but hopefully coming soon) on Palin this way

He then proceeds to write out exactly what Griffin said to Palin and the remainder of the article.

The Right falls back on their tried-and-true cry of "OUT OF CONTEXT" because they insist York was giving a critique of the "press" and not Palin. If that is the case, then why didn't his article read as such?

The meat of the article is about Palin's experience, how she performed as mayor and governor, about how her life is being vetted.

The article isn't about how the press are casting her in one specific roll.

But, what else would you expect.

O'Reilly devoted his "talking points memo" to how unfair the press - in this case CNN - is treating Sarah Palin:

A Friend Of Fox?

Have you ever noticed that whenever any of the "talent" - god, I can't believe i'm actually using that word to describe these people - leave Fox"News", they are never seen again on another network?

Seriously, what executive would consider hiring such people? What self-respecting network would associate themselves with someone like O'Reilly, Hannity, Cavuto, et al? They are a ratings boom for Fox, that's why they get paid the big-bucks. Not because they are correct, but because they draw in a crowd. Everyone loves a good car-wreck.

When it comes time to re-negotiate your contract, this puts Fox at a HUGE advantage over you. Any shread of journalistic ethics, credibility, and honesty you have is sold out - including your soul - when you sign with Rupert Murdock.

So, it is with little suprise that Brian Kilmeade - you know, the guy on Fox & Friends who takes himself far too seriously - tried to play tough with his contract re-negotiation and it didn't end well.

Fox News has been making many deals lately, as Thursday's New York Times notes: Bill O'Reilly was just signed for over $10 million a year, Sean Hannity recently signed a multi-year contract renewal, Shep Smith re-upped for $8 million/year last year, and the network just lured Headline News' Glenn Beck.

But amidst this dealmaking, Huffington Post hears that one Fox News personality was left in the dust: "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade, whose recent contract negotiations didn't go quite as smoothly as the others.

According to sources, Kilmeade attempted to play hardball in his latest contract renewal negotiations and overplayed his hand with a series of ridiculous demands. We're told Fox News executives called his bluff and shut down negotiations with his agent, CAA's Alan Berger (who also represents Katie Couric and Erin Burnett). Within hours, Kilmeade and Berger returned with their tails between their legs and their hat in their hands, and Kilmeade signed on to another contract with only a nominal raise.

I'm certain that Kilmede could get a job elsewhere, but nothing on par with what he's doing now. Lunatic-fringe hacks don't last long outside Fox - or inside if their ratings aren't up to par. Anyone remember how long Rush Limbaugh lasted on ESPN?

Nuff said.

Hollywood Movies Meet McCain Attack Ads

What if John Woo, Kevin Smith, and Wes Anderson did ads for John McCain?

You're about to find out.

Don't Let The Malkinites See This

She's gone after people that wear a "scarf" or even people within proximity of those wearing a "scarf". The dreaded keffiyeh has brought down the swift, verbal vengence of Michelle Malkin and her salivating throngs more than once.

One would think that, with such an extensive "fashion budget" as Palin has at her disposal, she would at least have a choice of scarves, maybe a handler to vet what she has around her neck.

Apparently not.

Palin doesn't seem to realize that her neck is adorned with a radical, leftist accessory - complete with donkey's and the word "vote".


PBS : Independant Lens : The Chicago 10

This was on my local PBS station last night.

An interesting and revealing look at the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Blending archival footage and computer animation, the audience gets a more in-depth look at the events as they unfolded.

Official trailer:

And here are a few clips

You can read more about the film at

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is It Still Racism If You Find A "Black Man" To Say It?

Yeah, it still is.

This is a "trick" that is employed by people like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly quite frequently. Most free-thinking people already know that both of them - and many other Conservative pundits, talk-radio prattle-heads, writers, and TV personalities - are dyed-in-the-wool racists. But, they will always leave that tiny amount of "wiggle-room" in order to spin themselves out of any trouble.

"But, I have black friends!"

Our latest example is Bill Cunningham:

On the October 20 edition of Clear Channel's The Big Show with Bill Cunningham, guest Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson said of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama: "[H]e's clearly for the color of the man and not the character." Cunningham replied, "Great comments, and if Obama was white as chalk, do you think that Powell would be endorsing the Democrat? He didn't endorse [Al] Gore, he didn't endorse [Sen. John] Kerry. I think color trumps everything in his mind." Peterson responded: "That's right, because if it was about what Barack Obama stood for, then he would have endorsed Gore and all those guys, but he did not. You know, it's so sad, my friend, that most black people today are racist. Not all, not all -- but most of them are racist."

More here from Media Matters

So, That Was McCain's Idea First?

Don't you just love the magic of video.

Couple that with The Daily Show and there's sure to be some action in the election that wouldn't normally happen without the two.

SilentPatriot has the video here courtesy of C&L.

Audience member: "Why is it that someone like my father who goes to school for 13 years gets penalized in a huge tax bracket because he's a doctor."

McCain: "I think it's to some degree because we feel obviously that wealthy people can afford more."

Audience member: "Are we getting closer and closer to, like, socialism?"

McCain: "Here's what I really believe: That when you reach a certain level of comfort, there's nothing wrong with paying somewhat more."

And you were expecting CNN or Fox"News" or maybe Reuters or AP to report on this?

Wednesday Lunchtime Classic Tunes featuring John Prine

Listening to John Prine will always remind me of sitting around a table with friends in highschool, sipping Jack Daniels and playing cards until the sun came up.

Here's a double-shot of Prine:

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Sam Stone

Of Active Duty Deployments And An Al-Queada Endorsement

Via Amy Goodman @ Democracy Now

In a barely noticed development last week, the Army stationed an active unit inside the United States. The Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Team is back from Iraq, now training for domestic operations under the control of US Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command. The unit will serve as an on-call federal response for large-scale emergencies and disasters. It’s being called the Consequence Management Response Force, CCMRF, or “sea-smurf” for short.

It’s the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to USNORTHCOM, which was itself formed in October 2002 to “provide command and control of Department of Defense homeland defense efforts.”

An initial news report in the Army Times newspaper last month noted, in addition to emergency response, the force “may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control.” The Army Times has since appended a clarification, and a September 30th press release from the Northern Command states: “This response force will not be called upon to help with law enforcement, civil disturbance or crowd control."

And just in time to scare some more people into voting Republican, guess who's back:

Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a Web site message this week they would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the U.S. as a way to usher in a McCain presidency.

The message, posted Monday on the password-protected al-Hesbah Web site, said if al-Qaida wants to exhaust the United States militarily and economically, "impetuous" Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is the better choice because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This requires presence of an impetuous American leader such as McCain, who pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier," the message said. "Then, al-Qaida will have to support McCain in the coming elections so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush."

More here


Not exactly.

The Republican National Committee has spent more than $150,000 to clothe and accessorize vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family since her surprise pick by John McCain in late August.

According to financial disclosure records, the accessorizing began in early September and included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for a combined $49,425.74.

The records also document a couple of big-time shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one $75,062.63 spree in early September.

The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September after reporting no such costs in August.

More here here.

And this is the party that lambasted Edwards over $400 haircuts.

The RNC has spent more than 5-times my annual salary on clothes for Sarah Palin in less than 2 months.

I am Joe-The-Plumber?

Yeah, they really identify with that guy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DOH! Uh, What....Wait, No, I Love You, Huh.....

John, stick to the talking points. That's your "safe zone"

Sarah Palin would say any criticism of this an "assault on his verbage".

Yeah, you could say that.

Mary Katherine Ham Has Not One Clue - About Anything

Mary-Katherine Ham, one of Bill O'Reilly's "pretty-girls-to-have-on-the-show", seems to think that joking about Sarah Palin and calling huge chunks of America "Un-American" are one-in-the-same.

So, Palin was just "joshin" with the crowd, "doncha-know".


Then, Mary-Katherine goes on to blame - who else - the media:

The media has devoted hundreds of stories of late to the tenor of audience comments at McCain-Palin rallies, fretting about "rage" and "incitement" by the campaign, but the only account of Stewart's appearance is a one-sentence mention in the Boston Globe, and his abusive Palin comments are not included.

Ham posted the video in her blog. I'm sure there's a better version out there somewhere:

"Ordinary" Hate

The title comes from a line in a diary from DailyKos.

While there will always be people that throw eggs at cars, steal yard signs, deface property, there is something much more chilling about a person seething with such hatred, ignorance, and racism that they will shout until they have lost their voices.

This level of "hatred" is so common-place, so present, so accepted by the Republicans in this election that it has become unbearable in some places.

Some people even had their children joining in.

So, is this a "pro-America" town or not?

We better check with Sarah Palin on that one.

Let's See What Non-Voters Have To Say

You can start to see Drudge's propaganda showing more and more when he chooses the Nickelodeon "Kids Poll" in order to show that McCain just might still have a chance.

Drudge and National Review's Campaign Spot -- with a measure of conscious self-parody -- link the Nickelodeon Kids poll, which has Obama up only two points.

It's an online poll. Of kids.

"The Nickelodeon Kids' Poll is one of those polls that is always interesting to keep an eye on," writes NR's Geraghty.


via Ben Smith @ Politico

If you really wanted to stretch for some rationalization, for all the "realiability" you can get from this poll, this just might reflect something positive that mommy or daddy had to say about McCain or Obama at dinner one night.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Drudge and NRO's new poll of likely Marvel Superhero voters.

Bob-The-Builder's Cousin Is MAD!!!!

The "blame the media" meme seems to work well with the lunatic-fringe McCain / Palin supporter.

Video via Mother Jones.

Bolstered by conservative talk-radio and Fox"News", these people are stuffed with enough talking-points, speculation, and outright lies to fill Sean Hannity's new book.

She Still Doesn't Know, Does She

No, she doesn't.

The Senate's own website provides detailed information on what the Vice Presidential duties are:

The framers also devoted scant attention to the vice president's duties, providing only that he "shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no Vote, unless they be evenly divided" (Article I, section 3).

The vice president's other constitutionally mandated duty was to receive from the states the tally of electoral ballots cast for president and vice president and to open the certificates "in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives," so that the total votes could be counted (Article II, section 1).

O'Reilly Hypocrisy : Stewie, Nazis, And Bill's Infalted Sense Of Self

Last night on The O'Reilly Factor, Bill did a quick segment on the Family Guy episode where Stewie and Brian steal some Nazi uniforms and one of them has a McCain/Palin pin on it.

O'Reilly was less than pleased. But, you should have already known that.

While most people can easily recognize blatant satire, O'Reilly is not "most people". O'Reilly seems to think that "Family Guy" is calling John McCain, Sarah Palin, and all their followers Nazis.

Though this could almost be seen as a reasonable assumption, considering the behavior of many people at McCain / Palin rallies, shows such as Family Guy are designed to "take the piss" out of people, no matter who they are.

On the other hand, when O'Reilly calls someone a Nazi, he means it.

Tuesday Lunchtime Tracks featuring Radioslave

Dubfire's "Planet Terror" remix of Grindhouse

McCain Campaign "Silenced" Muslim Organizer

Perhaps it was because this story would potentially run contrary to what the campaign is "secretly" saying about Obama. Whisper-campaigns are very effective, expecially with issues regarding race, religion, and family background.

But, that wouldn't "jive" with McCain's recent correction of the "crazy lady" at a rally where she told McCain that she believed Obama was a "Muslim". Then again, that might have been done to "save face", a momentary "band-aid" over an open wound.

The McCain camp has been known to "silence" people before, even Sarah Palin has been keeping herself away from the media. But, why would they chose now to do it, especially now. The video is quite compelling on several levels. I blogged about this yesterday.

CNN Host Rick Sanchez said he was "mystified" by a last minute decision by the McCain campaign to pull a Muslim grassroots organizer from appearing on his show.

The aide, Daniel Zubairi, had been scheduled to appear on Sanchez's mid-day program after he was caught on video talking down an anti-Muslim protester outside a McCain rally in Woodbridge, Virginia. But, even after telling the network that an interview was "good to go," the McCain shop pulled Zubairi at the last minute, leaving Sanchez in limbo on live TV.

Apparently, Zubairi was ready to do the interview and this was a literal "last minute" rejection by the McCain campaign.

Were they afraid that Sanchez would ask relevant questions regarding blatant racism and xenophobia that are regularly displayed at McCain/Palin rallies? Would Mr. Zubairi have been asked if this is a "regular occurance"?

Actress / News Anchor Attacked - Because Of Film Roll?

Unless you live in Little Rock, AK, you have probably never heard of Anne Pressly.

However, if you have seen Oliver Stone's latest film, "W", you would recognize her as the actress that played Ann Coulter.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Anne Pressly's personality made her a hit with television viewers. Now, police want to know whether her celebrity made her a target.

The popular KATV anchorwoman, who had a small part in the new Bush biopic "W," was in critical but stable condition Tuesday after a severe beating in her home. Investigators aren't sure whether she was the random victim of a home invasion or a target because of her high-profile job.

"(It) is possible that it is something other than robbery," police spokeswoman Cassandra Davis said. "Our detectives are talking with co-workers because she was a public figure, because she was on the news, in the media."

Pressly, 26, was found Monday a half-hour before she was due on the set of "Daybreak," a morning mix of news and features on Little Rock's ABC affiliate. Her mother discovered the anchorwoman battered and bloodied after she didn't answer a wake-up call.

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It would be far too easy to cast this aside as simply coincidental. Others may take an even more pathetic path and claim that she "deserved it". As for myself, I find this highly suspect. This wasn't just a "robbery" attempt.

Guillermo del Toro To Tackle The Slaughterhouse

Looks like del Toro is going to be in demand once the Hobbit film(s) get done:

Guillermo del Toro may have his hands full right now, but his hands might be getting even more fuller (lame line, I know) as the man might be taking on Slaughterhouse-Five, an experimental book by Kurt Vonnegut.

The book tells the story of a man captured by Germans and put in an old slaughterhouse with other POWs. He is eventually abducted by aliens who know the past and present, but can’t do anything to change it.

He recently did an interview where he had this to say about how the current state of filmmaking would benefit Slaughterhouse 5:

The book is so experimental in so many ways - now that movies have the possibility of being non-linear, you have so many possibilities to do the book honor by attempting at it. You could not tell that novel if your filmic language was academic. One of the main things is that you can do the juxtapositions of time because the way academic storytelling would tell you is that there are flash-forwards and flashbacks. But the reality is the whole essence of the book is that the character is unstuck in time. Unstuck in time. So you do the implications of what that means, but you are really going into pushing narrative. You’re not watching a flashback and you’re not watching a flash-forward.

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