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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your AOL Hotseat Poll

When discussing the attempted purchase of the St. Louis Rams by Limbaugh ( he is part of a larger group attempting the purchase ) one has to look at the irony contained within this situation. Rush, whether he is willing to admit it or not, is seeing how free-market business transactions work. If you behave a certain way and you are attempting to purcahse a part of a larger corporation that has standards that are to be met, when there has to be a quarrum that agrees with your purchase request ( there has to be 24 owners that agree with Limbaugh's bid ) then you will have to accept the end result.

Limbaugh, as with anyone, should have the opportunity to purchase whatever he wants, within legal means. So any fits of twitching rage that are likely to follow his losing the chance to be part owner of the team are completley without merit.

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