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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Comedian That Makes A Better Senator Than Most

The way in which conservatives attacked and attempted to besmirch Al Franken's bid for Senate is the halmark of conservative ideology - rely on gimmicky schtick rather than substance.

Turns out that Franken makes a better representative for not just his state, but this whole nation than many Senators that have held their position for years.

In respect to his amendment that would take a hard stance against companies that shelter rapists ( like KBR ) 30 Senators voted against it, thereby siding with the rapists.

To see Franken in action is something that everyone should pay attention to. This isn't the man that brought us Stewart Smally. This is someone that the Right ( for as many times as they claim that liberals and progressives are somehow afraid of the childish antics perpetrated by their apparent leadership ) honestly fears because he has the knowledge and the constitution to take on even their most arden of supporters.

For the full story behind Jamie Leigh Jones, check my diary on Daily Kos from December 2007 about her horrible ordeal and how conservatives reacted to it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, he goes along with John Stewart of the Daily Show; you know the comedian who makes a better reporter than most reporters.
Oh, and he did highlight the incompetent opposition during one of his Daily Show broadcasts.

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