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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dana, Your Slip Is Showing

......well, her mental slip anyway.

Dana Perino went on Fox & Friends to show her and her former employers' "moral superiority" in relation to the Obama administration calling out Fox"News" for precisely what they are.

To hear Perino, or anyone who was once in the employ of the Bush administration, talk about how it is completely out of bounds - even dangerous to America - that people within the Obama White House to challenge Fox"News" continual and breathless assertion that they are somehow both "fair" AND "balanced" at the same time does tend to cause more than a few spit-takes.

Think Progress digs a little further on this one as well.

Perino said that it would have been “a bridge too far” for her to “go after MSNBC” from the White House Briefing Room. But she seems to be forgetting the public letter that her White House colleague Ed Gillespie sent to NBC News President Steve Capus, in which Gillespie accused NBC and MSNBC of blurring the line between “news” and “opinion.” As ThinkProgress noted last week, Fox News cheered on Gillespie’s shot at NBC.

But wait, Dana, do you not remember this:

It seems to Perino can't remember ever crossing that bridge before her reactionary stance told her that it was time to burn it.

Fox"News", though likely not in direct response to those in the Obama White House being critical, even has a new promo out defending their legitimacy. But the timing is rather coincidental, isn't it.

The reason that I think that this is direct push-back at what the Obama administration is insisting, and an even more direct response to Axelrod and Rahm in specific, is that a generous ( dare I say liberal ) portion of the dialogue in the promo is talking about how Fox"News" has no bias, no agenda.

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