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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Rip-Off: Pt III feat. Nirvana and Killing Joke

I will freely admit that when Nirvana release "Nevermind", I was immediately impressed. To me, they were a band that crystalized a muscial genre that dominated the early 90s. But then I discovered Soundgarden's "Screaming Life" EP, Mother Love Bone, and The Meat Puppets and realized that there were far better bands creating this music long before Kobain and Co. sprang onto the highly commercialized MTV scene. The only thing that Nirvana had going for them was their willingness to be overly marketable. But this post really isn't about that.

For our third installment of "The Rip-Off", we take a look at a classic, punk/metal/dance band that most people haven't heard of and how one of their greatest tracks were stolen by Nirvana.

First up, off the Nevermind LP: Come As You Are

And now, Killng Joke's track: Eighties

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