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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jeebus, Complete With Preservatives

This post is functioning as somewhat of a coda to my previous post about the crazy-church-halloween-book-burning story.

So let's get this straight. The King James Bible is the penultimate word of God even though:

- it includes schedules for morning and evening prayer ( just like Muslims!!!!!!! No Way!!!!!!!! )

- it's actually the 3rd English translation of biblical text, so does that mean the previous English versions should be burned too?

- the KJV was translated from three different languages by 47 different scholars. Does anyone aside from me see any sort of issue with that to begin with?

- the KJV became the standard text ( in England ) not because of some written decree, but simply because the King told his official printer to stop printing copies of the "Bishop's Bible" - talk about control of the media.

- if the KJV is the definative word of Jesus/God/The Lord/The Man Upstairs, why was it revised four times?

- the KJV translators weren't exactly inspired by God to translate, they were paid by the Church Of England

More questions can be found here.

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