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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- So Beck and O'Reilly are defending themselves against White House statements that they are a wing of the Republican party. O'Reilly's tired attempts at this have become rather flacid and poorly constructed over the years, but to hear Glenn Beck talk about how the network isn't one-sided ( as has become completely and utterly clear since Obama's election ) is like watching a kid try to defend himself once his hand has been caught in the cookie jar. He even brings out toys to illustrate his point.

- What is it with has-been atheletes and washed-up actors like Scott Baio railing against Barack Obama. This is, apparently, the new way to claw your way out from complete marginalization. You should check out @thescottbaio on Twitter, the man has become the clown-prince of the washed-up child-actor set.

- Is anyone suprised to hear that Fox"Business" may be interested in scatching Lou Dobbs from CNN? He would make a fantastic edition to their staple of such "business-minded" people like Don Imus and that vaccuous chick on the bar-themed "Happy Hour" show. What sort of business reporting knowledge does Dobbs even have? None-at-all, which makes him an excellent choice. After all, he fits the Fox mold wonderfully: Birther, nativist, hypocrite, and partisan hack.

- There are days where Politico is something interesting, has stories that are marginally insightful. Then their the abject pointlessness of an article talking about how the White House has a problem with cursing. Talk about a waste of bandwidth.

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