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Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- It appears that Palin is now quitting being a quitter. Her resume has been posted up at LinkedIn under the user name "governorpalin" even though she hasn't been the Governor of Alaska since mid-summer. I thought she would have had some sort of game-plan by now, some idea of what she was going to do. After all, the only thing that she has done is to give a speech to investors where she essentially just rehashed some campaign talking points and then had per picture taken for the cover of her book that she didn't even write. And check out the resume - it lists just one college, but she went to 5.

- Conservatives are using a time-test tactic when it comes to addressing the fact that Rahm and Axelrod are calling-out Fox"News" for what they are. Rather than attempting to refute the claim, employees of the network are insisting that the administration is perpetrating a "war" on Fox and that they are spending virtually every day on this issue and not issues that effect the average American. But doesn't Fox"News" continually berate MSNBC and CNN? It's part of their daily thesis in approaching every news story - make it seem like Fox is the only one covering something and that the other networks aren't because of their "liberal agenda".

- Conservatives two favorite things ( fervent opposition to an organized work-force in America and Rush Limbaugh ) were combined to attempt to prove some hidden agenda in Rush being dumped as a potential owner of the St. Louis Rams. And this isn't the first ham-fisted conspiracy theory that the good people at Fox"News" have dreamed up. Juan Williams ( filling in for O'Reilly on The Factor ) did his best Glenn Beck impersonation and weaved a Six Degress Of Seperation theory that directly implicated Barack Obama as bearing responsibility for Limbaugh getting the boot.

- The fine folks over at Fox"Nation" can find an evil, socialist, marxist, communist, fascist theme in anything. Now, they have posted a video of Anita Dunn giving a speech about how the Obama campaign were able to keep their press releases in order, respond to criticism ( both valid and insanely pathetic ) as well as how their message to the American people now. The Nation of Dunces have concluded that to mean that Dunn is somehow admitting that the Obama White House controls the media in total.

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