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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Because You're Jealous Of The Car My Dad Bought

The Fox"News" meme of 'they're just afraid' is beyond tired, worn-out, and pointless. As if you needed another example, here is Bill O'Reilly.

I'll push O'Reilly's initial statement that "there hasn't been much news" the past few weeks aside and focus on his 'talking point' thesis.

But who is honestly buying this 'The Obama White House attacked Fox"News" completely unprovoked' line of reasoning? Aside from the average Fox fan that still believes that they are fair AND balanced, that Glenn Beck is a voice of reason, and that O'Reilly actually knows anything about world history, the list is pretty short.

And, as per the norm, Bill O'Reilly claims that he offered Klein a spot on his show, but how can any of us verify that fact? How can any of us know that what O'Reilly says he has done he actually has? We can't and we don't. The viewer is painted into a corner and must rely upon his word. And while there are some that are willing to accept any and everything that this man says - regardless of topic - the remainder of us that are able to assemble coherent thought are rightfully skeptical.

But more to this "they are afraid" clap-trap.

Fox"News" is quite proficient in using deflection when it comes to approaching stories that they are generally powerless against. A prime example is the way in which they continuously defend the conservative, Republican, point of view on a daily basis. Rather than address the message, they attack the messenger. And one of the most common ways that they do this is by stating that whomever speaks against them is somehow "afraid" of the network, "afraid" to come onto a particular program.

While most people outside the realm of the reactionary Right can't be bothered with having to answer to each and every challenge posed by people like Bill O'Reilly, it does provide both he and Fox"News" with a modest amount of covering fire when the intended target doesn't respond immediately. But what do people like Joe Klein, Barack Obama, or any number of Democrats have to gain by kowtowing to the drooling demands of the conservaive movement?

And speaking of "fear", one has to wonder why Bill O'Reilly, the self-ascribed champion of the average American, refuses to have his program air live rather than be taped at 4pm EST. Is he afraid of coming out from the shadow of the editing process and do a real interview with someone? If you've ever seen Bill attempt to do a show live, you'll know straight away that he is nothing more than a rank amateur when standing against someone that he opposes.

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