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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

But The Differences Are So Similar

Fox"News" defends themselves by stating that there is a clear difference between their straight-news programs and their opinion programs that air from 5pm EST on through prime-time.

But it's really the opinion programs that set the tone for the entirety of Fox"News" in all of their programming blocks.

It will be interesting to see the shift in programming once Barack Obama has left office - that is if a Republican somehow regains control of the White House in the near future. However, I do believe that once Obama's term ( do you really think he's going to be a single-term President? ) ends that we will see at least a moderate thematic shift. We probably won't see and hear many stories about racism/reverse-racism from conservatives.

If anything can be said of Fox"News", their employees, and those that follow them with unblushingly drooling ferver, they haven't been able to pace their rage since Janurary 20th.

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