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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Friday Night Music Chain: Metal Edition

It's been far too long that I have played some metal. So here's some bands that I think need some attention.

Down - Stone The Crow.

What a fantastic title for a track. The mythology behind the crow itself lends itself to tell the story of a man that can't stand to live with who he is or what he may be. And perhaps this same man is willing to remove his second chance in favor of making his one life explode in front of everyone he knows so they will remember it.

Corrosion Of Conformity - Goodbye Windows

COC's Wiseblood LP was met with mixed reviews by many of their staunch fans and some of their partial constituants. It contained a variety of what the band had delivered over their past two LPs. But what it hadn't delivered was a psuedo-metal-ballad that other bands hadn't dared touch. And "Goodbye Windows" is exactly what made the Wiseblood LP not only powerful for it's time but lasting for it's power.

Here's a repeat here on the 43 blog.

Crowbar - No Quarter

I can remember hearing Zeppelin's version of this for the first time and thinking that this would be a massive metal tune for some heavy band to cover. And several have. The first that I heard was Crowbar. This is a band that I never paid to much attention to back when this was recorded in the early 90s, but it's still as brutal, honest, and forthcoming as the original. But they weren't the last to cover this.

Tool, more than any other band, captured the soul, the passion, that tilted edge of No Quarter that only Zeppelin could offer. Maynard's vocals are the only ones that I feel can match Plants pleading, urging, voice.

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