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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beckian Rage At A Boiling Point?

In which we see Fox"News" resident court jester get "mad as hell".

I'll pass on explaining the stories abuot Beck's mother, but let's just say it's not nearly as pervasive a storyline as he would like his audience to believe.

What I will say is that Beck's rhetoric and overall cavalier attitude he has towards his job is just about to catch up with him. This clip is a perfect example of the rank hypocrisy and childishness of Beck and all like him.

While he is willing to contort well documented American history to suit this bizarro-world script in his head, Glenn Beck has completely lost the plot when it comes to accepting responsibility for his words and their impact. In that respect his "recovering alcoholic" meme does tend to come back to haunt him. There is quite the simularities between Beck's temper-tantrum, his denial that he "has a problem", and the same words that one hears from a person who drinks too much.

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