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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conservatives Rail Against Standard Business Practices

Unfortunately, one of the aspects of conservatives much diefied Free Market is that many businesses have dress-codes. Dependant on your place of employment, you may be required to wear things that you would never be caught dead in out in the "real world". And it stands to reason that your job attire is not only going to NOT mirror your wardrobe at home, but your particular religious beliefs.

Enter the reactionary commentors from Fox"Nation" as they respond to the story of one Home Depot employee that defied the rules set forth by his boss and was then later fired.

Last month, when Trevor Keezer started bringing his Bible to work, Keezer says his manager confronted him about the ["One nation under God, indivisible."] button. "That's when I was told it had to come off, or I would be sent home. So they sent me home for six straight days without pay. And then today they terminated me."

What the twitchy, undulating, throng at Fox"Nation" don't realize is that this isn't about how much flare that you wear that espouses a particular ideological bent, about how much flare that you don't want to wear, it's about the rules set forth by the management of the business......

Of course, the Right will consistantly frame this from the standpoint that the individuals rights are being threatened and removed. You do have the right to liberty and the persuit of happiness. But if your happiness and expression of liberty metric is predicated on forklift racing down the paint aisle after lunch, and that is in direct violation of the rules of the job, then you can and will get fired.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely put.

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