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Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Fox and conservative talk radio are going to be so much fun today. After it was announcedearly this morning that Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Price, you can be sure that people on the right are going to have their collective knickers in a twist. In a few months I'm sure Glenn Beck will have a scathing expose where an undercover pimp and prostitute have infiltrated the Nobel Commitee to get some dirt on them.

- Isn't it interesting and utterly ironic that Michelle Bachman would claim that she has stalkers from certain news networks while doing an interview with Bill O'Reilly. After all, his lap-dog Jesse Waters is more than willing to do his master's bidding and even follow someone across state lines in order to ambush them. And it's not just Fox"News" that practices and condones this. Michelle Malkin is well known to stalk families with whom she disagrees.

- In another episode in Fox"News" continuing efforts to conjure up anything against Obama's "czars" Karl Rove is now claiming that Kevin Jennings actively supported NAMBLA. Sean Hannity has been on this kick for a while, even claiming that he covered up a statutory rape many years ago when he was a school counselor. The later and the former have been fully debunked by various people, but it should be pointed out that Both Hannity and Rove have not-so-bright pasts of their own. Most notably, Sean Hannity was overtly sympathetic to neo-Nazi Hal Turner and offered him a platform regularly on his radio program.

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