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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Blogger and citizen journalist Mike Stark has been tracking down all of the Senators that voted "no" on Al Frankens "rape amendment". It seems that not everyone was keen answer Stark's very honest, very relavent questions. What were these men thinking? Not to delve too deeply into the "what if" realm that conservatives continually inhabit instead of what is transpiring in the real world, but what if someone like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, or Michelle Bachman were raped by members of an organization they were assiting? Certainly they would claim that justice be swift and unflinching.

- Is Jake Tapper angling to get a job at Fox"News"? Each an every time Tapper goes off on some tangentical, abstract, pointlessness, conservative bloggers cheer his journalistic creds and hoist him upon their pedistal of diefication. The strange part of all this is that some conservatives think that anyone within the executive branch is not allowed to express their opinion on what is and what isn't a news organization. I guess no one told them about all the blathering that Dick Cheney did when he was VP. Oh, that's right, he wasn't part of the executive OR the legislative branch, was he.

- The Public Option certainly looks good in this ad.

- In an obvious attempt by the Senate majority leader from my state of Kentucky, Mitch "Beeker" McConnell, to boost moral within the Republican party, he completely distorts the facts on how Republicans are doing in polls related to the upcoming mid-term elections. The truth of the matter is that fewer and fewer people are aligning themselves with Republicans and the distance between them and their Democratic opponents has remained virtually unchanged in the last 2 years.

- With all the conspiratorial nonsense that Glenn Beck delivers to America each evening, Media Matters thought they would pay tribute to the man by using his own tactics against him. It turns out that the only difference between what Beck does and what MMFA has done is that the later actually fact-checks their research.

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