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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rip-Off: Featuring The Cure and Wilco

This particlar edition of "The Rip-Off" features two of my favorite bands of all time - The Cure and Wilco.

And while I will defend both Jeff Tweedy and Robert Smith to my dying breath, there is more than just a minor simularity between these two tracks.

First up, The Cure with "In Between Days"

** you'll notice that there is not a YouTube video posted here as the embed function has been disable. So, would someone please explain why anyone would put something up on YouTube and not allow an embed? It rather defeats the purpose of the site, doesn't it.**

And now, Wilco with Pot Kettle Black

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

let me tell you about the cure cover band i was in back in 1989...

no, instead i'll join in the fun


this is a mash-up of the ying-yang twins and the cure's "close to me" first i thought it was just clever until i heard the original ying-yang twins song - total rip off....

i had never given wilco a chance, it's surely the cure on guitar...i like it and i'm on my way to hear more of it...thanks!

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