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Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- I'd say it's not quite the "eating their own" meme that conservatives love to use when liberals and progressives question the motives or actions within their own ideological set, but it's pretty close. Steven F. Hayward of The Washington Post posits that conservative thought has devolved to nothing more than sound-bites. He's pretty much spot on in his description. The modern conservative has to deal with living in a new ear of 24 hour news, the internet, and keeping up momentum with "fresh material".

- By and large, conservatives are willing to take their complete lack of knowledge in a variety of fields and spin it into this bizarre stew of "truth and revelation". Such is definitely the case when it comes to Hollywood and films. While Jonah Goldberg famously skewed the Pixar family film Wall-e into neo-fascist propaganda, Andrew Brietbarts "Big Hollywood" writer John Nolte turns his complete lack of understanding on how films make money into a hot meme about Micheal Moore. Historically speaking, documentaries will always fair poorly at the box office.


Anonymous said...

You know, if you want people to read your blog (and take you seriously), you should really learn to use a spellchecker. Great thoughts may be great, but hidden behind so many serious spelling errors they just makes things look silly.

aironlater said...

Wow, I inverted the "s" and "c" in fascist! What a shockingly horrible blogger! It's easy to sit back behind your anonymous label and nit-pick when the point is clear. You obviously have nothing of substance to offer here.

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