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Friday, October 16, 2009

In What Respect Charlie?

I'm sure we all remember this:

Sarah Palin's first big screw-up on the national scene and conservatives lept to her defense by claiming that there isn't and wasn't a clearly defined "doctrine" of George W. Bush like the "Monroe Doctrne" was. It appears that some conservatives are now changing their tune.

From Bloomberg

The Sept. 11 terrorist strikes prompted Bush to alter U.S. policy by stressing the option of preemptive military action against groups or countries that threaten the U.S. Critics said that breached international norms and set a dangerous precedent for other nations to adopt a similar policy.

The doctrine is being reassessed as part of the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review of strategy, force structure and weapons programs. Hicks is overseeing the review.

Perhaps it's time that conservatives realize that their reactionary stance and naval-gazing in realtion to Sarah Palin has caused them to be the mockery that they are today. There is, was, and has been a Bush Doctrine during and since George W. Bush's presidency.

It's this type of mentality within the modern conservative movement that has caused them to consistantly lose ground. From local, state, and national elections, the Republican party has been a net loser since 2006. They may pose only a handful of gains in the mid-term next year - not out of the American people seeing them as better leaders, but from a historical context.

The doctrine of the conservative movement, however, is widely known and accepted - oppose at all costs, fabricate, scare, and molest reality into the visage of your chosing.

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