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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Conservatives Do Love Them Some Black Men.... long as they tow the line without question.

This may be an odd statement coming from a very white person, but I feel that it doesn't do the black race any good to have Fox"News" news literally using select African Americans as tools with which to stave off accusations of racial preference. Each and every time I see Hannity's favorite black man, the alleged "Reverend" Jesse Lee Peterson ( and others ) on Fox it is a consistant reminder that that network will only give credence to not just a black man or woman, but of any "non-white", is if they with unflinchingly kowtow to the conservative ideological mindset.

And for that reason, it is of little suprise that Dr. Mark Lamont Hill was fired from his position as Democratic strategist at Fox"News".

Liberal Fox News analyst Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has been fired, News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch revealed at a shareholder's meeting Friday.

Murdoch made the announcement after being asked about Hill's "reputation of defending cop killers and racists."

"Relax, y'all. Don't believe the internet rumors," Lamont Hill tweeted earlier today, but he would later confirm the news to the Huffington Post, saying, "I am no longer employed by Fox News and grateful for the opportunity and I have nothing bad to say."

And this was something that many conservatives had been hoping for for quite some time.

Former Left-wing idiot turned Right-wing idiot David Horowitz went after Dr. Hill's credibility in a screed that also showed his complete inability to understand modern culture:

Mr. Hill do you think we should give Iran three months or six months to let the UN inspectors in? How would Marc Lamont Hill know? How would he even be in a position to make an intelligent speculation? By his own account, Hill is an expert on “hip-hop culture,” i.e., rap music. His academic degree is in education. What are his views on foreign policy worth, unless putting him on was designed to show up the shallow views of the left? Hill is in fact a knee jerk leftist....

While I would initially like to challenge Horowitz on his own understanding of foreign policy, the very fact that reactionary people such as him automatically associate "hip-hop culture" with rap music is patently absurd. I swear by all that is holy and just in this universe that someone has got to tell people that hip-hop and rap are completely and without a doubt mutually exclusive from one another.

But what does this say of not only Horowitz, but of the entire, willfully ignorant, masses that flock to not only Fox"News" but conservativism as their ideological safe-house? They claim to have the interests of Americans at heart without having any clue as to the very detailed fabric with which this country is made up of. It's as if they are so unblushingly "vanilla" in their knowledge that they are the literal embodiment of the stereotype that black comedians portray of white people.

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