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Friday, October 23, 2009

Less Than Meets The Eye?

From the start of this story, if one can believe how it is being framed, it certainly looks bad for the administration - Obama in particular, since he is the centerpiece of attacks. But, one also has to question who's idea this was and what really went on with the other bureau cheifs during their "rally" to bring Fox"News" to the table.

Is this story really all it's made up to be?

Fox News says that the White House "failed in its attempt to manipulate other news networks into isolating and excluding Fox News."

The attempt to shut Fox News out was the latest move in the administration's ongoing battle against the cable news channel, which several senior administration officials have claimed is not a legitimate news organization.

The decision by the network bureau chiefs to stand with Fox News is one of the first instances of the mainstream media defending Fox News against the White House's claims.

Certainly, it's great publicity for Fox's "War On Us" meme and will be given more airtime than other, more important, stories across the US and the world.

But for me, I have to ask, "why would the Obama administration do this"? All they would have had to have done is let Major Garrett try and paint Kenneth Feinberg into a corner, or even have his interview selectively edited to fit the Fox"News" agenda - a common tactic used each and every day, primarily by Beck and the prime-time players - and then had Feinberg set the records straight. It would have been a great opportunity to show Fox's blatant and unblushing bias. But no, someone had to go screw it all up.

In the end, regardless of how ham-fisted this was handled, the Obama administrations complaints against Fox"News" are valid, verifiable, and solid. The only problem now is that this has given Fox a victory, albeit a small one, that they will likely spin into a much more sinister theme.

Be on the look-out for Glenn Beck to assume that Obama has tasked someone with some malevolent plot to bomb a major network news headquarters - a media Reichstag moment that would allow the administration to nationalize all American news organization.

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