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Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Guarantee The Freedom To Still Not Afford It

Logan Murphy over at Crooks And Liars highlights this video of State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook of Kansas attempting to explain how the public option is going to destroy essential freedoms and the very soverignty of her state.

The tea-bagger mentality of Mrs. Pilcher-Cook is so glaringly obvious, that the mind recoils in horror when attempting to disect her rationalization of how providing healthcare to the populous of Kansas is actually a threat to them. But, such is how these reationary creatures function.

But this style of legislative obstructionism brings up a valid point - if states have the ability to craft legislation to block a public option or they are offered an "opt-out" stance, isn't this going to be an incentive for people to leave Kansas and other states that follow suit? Certainly, not eveyone is going to be able to leave their particular state, should they not consider the health and well-being of their citizens, but it is not a great leap of logic that some very well may choose to do so.

People like Mrs. Pilcher-Cook don't have any solutions to help struggling members of her state, she is simply concerned with advancing a failed ideological point of view.

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