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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Because The Doctor Said So

Over the weekend, I was given the cherished "One Lovely Blog" award by Dr. Zaius.

And, in keeping with the rules, I will now give this award to 15 recently discovered blogs.

The Mom @ Attentive Aphorist, Mr. Canacorn @ The Bride Of Awesomeness, Calvin @ The Canadian Cave Of Coolness, my childhood friend Todd's Camplinart, Chez @ Deus Ex Malcontent, Drinking Liberally In Louisville, the whole crew @ Everything Is Terrible, Nathaniel Rogers @ Film Experience, Johnny @ Here Comes Johnny Yen Again, His Vorpal Sword, The House Of Self Indulgence, General JC Christian @ The Jesus General, Modern Fabulousity, No Smoking In The Skullcave, and Busted Knuckles @ Ornery Bastard

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