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Friday, October 30, 2009

Reading Is Fundamental

Someone reall needs to get John Boehner a "wambulence".

Don't you just love the way that conservative Republicans continually talk about all these great ideas, and great plans, and how their version of healthcare reform is so much better, yet they can't enunciate any of these. It's far easier for them to slam a bill that THEY haven't read. It's far easier for them to talk about something that they have never wanted to be a part of by making false claims about what is in the bill that THEY haven't read. It's like commenting on a film that you haven't watched.

It turns out that there are actually serveral components of the proposed legislation that conservatives have been talking about doing, but it was the Democrats that actually did.

- Deficit Neutral
- Reduces Longterm Costs
- Coverage Across State Lines
- Malpractice Reform
- Allowing Children To Remain On Parents Plans
- No Public Funds For Abortions
- Small Business Protections
- Wellness Programs

Having started reading the bill today, I can assure you that the pages are read rather quickly. But yes, it is quite lengthy - as is ALL legislation that comes from Congress. So, it's a bit of a disingenuous statement for Boehner to whine like a little girl with a skinned knee, saying it's not fair that he has to read it.

Naturally, the healthcare refom bill is going to be massive in size due to the fact that massive reforms are required. It's not like you can have comprehensive and realistic changes in just 7 pages.

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