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Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- Recent polls have shown that the GOP's ( and not JUST the conservative movement ) net favorability rating has more than just bottomed out, it's actually in the negative. So if they do make any gains in next year's midterm elections, one has to wonder who is voting for these people and why.

- John Boehner must either be sitting in his office on capital hill with his fingers in his ears or he just doesn't talk to people at all. He recently made the statement that he hasn't met anyone - no one - that supports a "public option" in healthcare reform. That's strange for him to say when the state he allegedly represents has a plurality of people that do

- Don't you just love Michelle Bachman? She'll make up anything she can to scare the ill-informed and ignorant people of America. And, sad to say, there are a lot of them out there. But this one is almost beyond the pale. Bachman's inability to read AND comprehend basic English has lead her to believe that healthcare reform is going to cause abortion clinics to spontaneously appear in every public school in America.

- The continued manufactured controversies over Obama's "czars" has reached another faux fever-pitch with Sean Hannity. His latest attempts to degrade anyone associated with Barack Obama has caused him to not understand and completely misrepresent Massachusetts law. One has to wonder, as does David Neiwert @ C&L, if the big-boys of Fox"News" primetime are just trying to keep up with Glenn Beck's unchecked lunacy.

- Congressman Paul Broun of Gerogia is much like any other voice in the Republican party these days. And he apparently isn't too ashamed of it. At a recent event, a constituant of his spoke of his mounting debt because of his inability to have insurance. To that, Broun replied that the "emergency room" is the perfect answer to people with illnesses. That's like telling a woman with breast cancer that if she takes two aspirin that it will all be better. Apparently Broun is unfamiliar with the problems of his district, as he has his healthcare paid for by people who can't afford their own.


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