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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Conservative As Ostrich

It's interesting to attempt to debate conservatives through various social media.

From Twitter, to Facebook, to online blogs and message boards, conservatives are all saying the same thing - no one in America wants a public option in healthcare reform.

Well, that does fly in the face of reports from:

Christian Science Monitor

The Washington Post

CBS News

ABC News




and multiple other polls show that it's not just the average American, but doctors support a Public Option.

The reality of the situation is that those that are claiming that these polls are wrong, fabricated, or substantively flawed are people that have everything to lose if real, comprehensive, healthcare reform passes. It's not that they are going to lose their coverage, it's that their ideological school of thought will have failed them in a most massive and embarassing fashion. They don't want to lose and they will go against their better judgement, their very well-being, in order to win.

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