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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Glenn Beck's inability to seperate the fantasy from the reality the remainder of American live in is growing to near synesthetic proportions. His stance against volunteering, helping your community in a variety of ways, is grounded in some bizarre notion that volunteering is a communist tactic. He later goes on, in his standard "six-degrees-of-seperation" way, that Hollywood, the White House, and NBC Universal are all conspiring to do something bad to America.

- To actually know that some people actually use Drudge as their primary news source every morning, my thoughts on it have gone from "these people are just down-right silly" to "jesus-harld-ramis-christ, these people are fucked in the brain-pan". The Right's favorite hype artist had a new mashup message when it was released to the Obama administration would not seek the arrest of people who follow state laws in relation to the use of medical marijuana. While the headline was quite vague if you didn't already know what was going on, it was the photo that was used in conjunction that would likely have caused loyal Drudge-ites to assumed that Obama was hoping to target kids.

- With a plurality of Americans supporting a public-option in healthcare reform ( a fact that has not changed since reform was placed back on the table ) why is it that pollsters such as Rassmussen continually tout as fact the complete opposite?

- And finally, have you ever noticed anything strange about the polls that Fox"News" creates?

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