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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Days Of Futures Present

While watching the Road Warrior and blogging this afternoon, I started seeing stories about a fantasy gaming-site that must have all the militia types in America creaming their collective knickers with joy.

David Neiwert @ Crooks And Liars even has the turtorial video for this wingnut version of Risk up for everyone to check out. It's a visual interpretation of the mouth-agape droolings and rantings of not just the tea-bagger set, but of people like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman - who actually have roles in the game along with other sychophants of the reactionary Right.

While alternate futures are no stranger to the gaming and literary world, the difference between the games and stories of others is that conservatives are actively trying to ensure that this game becomes reality. While the very idea that Obama is attempting to destroy America and recreate it in some Marxist, Fascist, Communist image is preposterous beyond belief there are a specific subset of people in this country that actually buy into this nonsensical line of thinking.

This game isn't so much a game to some, it's a training manual for those with masturbatory fantasies of revolution.

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