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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pray Your Baby Isn't Taller And Heavier Than Most

That's right, our healthcare is the fucking best. Suck Canada and Britain. Check out how cool our shit it now!!!!

Because of his size, Baby Alex was turned down for health insurance, his height and weight put him in the 99th percentile according to CDC guidelines.

Kelli [his mother] says it's ridiculous, "It's frustrating, it's very frustrating."

Dr. Speedie at Rocky Mountain Health Plans says all babies are evaluated for insurance the same way. "In children it's based on a combination of height and weight."

More from Huffington Post and The Denver Post.

Now, keep in mind that babies that breast-feed are going to be larger than babies that don't - but that really shouldn't be the case here. This child is being denied healthcare. DENIED.

Once again, the greatest healthcare in the fucking world. Indeed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just a mangy cats patoot. :( Nathan is in the 95th in height and the 50th for weight. My friend's son is not even ON the charts anymore, but he's just a big boy, he's thin even. :( That's just insane. If the boy is healthy, what does it matter that he's big, maybe his dad is almost 7ft tall. Maybe HE'S going to be 7ft tall. There shouldn't be any discrimination in BABIES just because they're tall and weigh more than others. Gosh....-Tracy

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