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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quote Of The Day

Michelle Bachman still has no plan, other than removing all of the Obama administrations accomplishments.

We have to defund the left. And this is great. Gallup came out with a poll, I think last week or the week before, that said the American people believe that Congress wastes 50 percent — 50 cents or 50 percent of every dollar it spends. God love the American people. They get it. They understand the truth that actually there’s huge waste. So we defund that but then the third thing that we do, which you’re getting into with economic development, is we have to after we defund the left, we pass repealer bill after repealer bill after repealler bill. Because there’s a huge machinery that’s been built up in this town. And we have to just repeal it. And we have to campaign on that to the American people. That is a hugely winning message right now with the American people.

This, if nothing else, should show you exactly where the conservative mindset is when it comes to governing. The alleged Gallup poll aside ( which would likely be accurate if the context of the polling data was predicated on people only getting their news from conservative outlets ) Bachman has shown that conservatives aren't willing to be reformers, only obstructionists and repealers.

How are they going to repeal the Economic Recovery Act? Are they going to completely cut off funding to state and local governments? How will they repeal healthcare reform if it passes? Are they going to give even broader, more sweeping power to insurance companies? And what of other pending legislative endeavours? Cap and Trade and Education reform. Are conservatives so afraid of change that will ultimately better this nation that they are willing to tear it all down just to gain points with a small subset of the public?

What do they really have to offer this country to improve it?

1 comment:

rdale said...

They could start by de-funding the Minnesota congressional offices, if the rest of them are anything like that idiot.

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