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Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- In a recent email from the head of the NFL players union, Executive Director DeMaurice Smith expressed his displeasure with talk-radio host and twitching ball of cholesterol, Rush Limbaugh's, interest in being partial owner of the St. Louis Rams. This was already discussed on The Ed Show on MSNBC, but let's take a look at this again. Would players really leave The Rams if Limbaugh became a partial owner? Would players essentially void their contracts and lose money because he was part of their team? Would The Rams get any draft pics this next season because of who Limbaugh is, what he stands for, and what he has said? The broader question should be, is Limbaugh going to use a potential "no" answer on the part of the NFL, is he going to use his probable losing bid against the NFL as an excuse to use racial charged language, to blame the "liberal media" for his loss at a business proposition?

- When you are conservative, and you tow the line day after day, you are looked at as part of the "collective", one of millions that think and act and speak the same way. That is, if you're white. But, if you're a black conservative, you aren't so much what you say, but more of what you look like. Better than that, though, if you are a "converted" liberal, or Democrat, or progressive AND you are black then you become this icon of the conservative movement. Not because of what you have to say or offer, but because you are now a tool to be used to somehow prove that conservativism somehow isn't prejudiced, it's segregated, is open to the ideals of all colors and creeds. But when your message reflects more of your indoctrination into an ideology and your apparent unwillingness to understand the struggles that blacks in America face, are you really a conservative, or just a confused liberal that has been duped?


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