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Thursday, October 15, 2009

And I Was Only Joking Earlier

Either Rush is that predictable ( which I'm fully aware that he normally is ) or my blog is being monitored by certain members of Rush's production team and high-level conservative bloggers.

From my blog earlier this morning:

Should Limbaugh have a chance at owning a team, owning anything? Of course. He had his chance with the NFL and he lost not because of come liberal conspiracy, not because of fabricated quotations, not because George Soros spoke some cryptic incantation from an ancient tome, it was because of his own ideological and personal follies that he lost.

This was posted on HotAir today:

Was George Soros Involved In The Rams Bid Too

Is Bloomberg merely saying that Soros has partnered with Checketts before and therefore might be involved this time or are they saying he is involved and they know it for a fact? Hard to tell. If it’s the latter then it’s exceedingly odd that Checketts never mentioned it to Rush in order to feel him out on whether he was okay with partnering with Soros. It’s also odd that Soros wouldn’t have used his influence on the left to call off the media dogs this week against Limbaugh: Now that they’ve purged Rush, conservatives will demand that Soros be purged too and Georgie boy surely knows it. Which is why I suspect that he’s not involved in the bid (and, needless to say, won’t be involved going forward).

Sure, Allahpundit attempts to spin away from his original thesis with the last sentence, but the seed has already been planted.

So, a prediction or merely stating the obvious? I wonder what I can predict for tomorrow.

Michelle Malkin runs into the street, strips down, and starts to rub her own shit on her face perhaps?

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