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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clever Conservative Blogging Disguised As Racism

It's hardly a suprise anymore that the increasingly racially divisive language being distributed by various segments of the conservative movement is going to go right up to the edge of using the dreaded n-bomb.

Tammy Bruce's recent post on her site is no different, yet reveals the MO of people who choose to scrape the bottom of the socio-political barrel rather than engage in intellectual discourse.

Breaking: Nobel Committee Announces Another Peace Prize Winner

Just FYI, for context you may also want to take a look at the post which precedes this one, I Just Opened a Box of Cracker Jack. Guess What the Prize Was? As well as my response to those deluded liberals screaming Raaaaacist! at this post When a Raccoon Is Just a Raccoon. In the meantime, if you do think this is Raaaacist!, take that as a sign that you should start spending less time on the interwebs and more time with your therapist. I’m just sayin.’**

Right, and it's not a noose hanging from a tree in Jena, it's just a rope. It's not wrong to suggest that blacks ride on a seperate bus to school, it's making sure that they all have a ride. It's not bad to distribute a photo of a giant watermelon patch in front of the White House, we're just showing the agricultural potential of the lawn.

Clearly, at least to those of use with a fully functional brain-stem, the image has blatant racial intent and undercurrents. The mind of the modern conservative is that since Obama happens to be of mixed ethnicity, they should have carde blanche when it comes to using this sort of dialogue. It's easier for them to say, "it's just a racoon" and sit back and smile at what they have created, a race-baiting situation where they can claim that their rights are being violated. The modern fringe conservative feels that racial animus is not only acceptable, but a requirement.

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