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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Allahpundit @ HotAir is all in a twitchy rage about the video that I had blogged about earlier this morning. And he takes the issue to the typical, reactionary, end that only a wingnut can.

- If George W. Bush can be a motivational speaker, then there is something very wrong with this planet. Chris Farley made a better motivational speaker on SNL

- Newt Gingrich is joining the ever growing chorus of conservatives that are begining to see Glenn Beck for what he is - a morning-show radio DJ on crystal meth that thinks the voices in his head are Thomas Paine and Geroge Washington.

- For some reason beyond the comprehension of most Americans, more conservatives are standing in solidarity with the "tea-bagger" candidate Doug Hoffman. The GOP is literally tearing itself apart, attempting to get a breakthrough in their ongoing identity crisis. And the destruction is such a wonderful thing to behold

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