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Thursday, October 15, 2009

And Starting For The Defense

When I heard the news ( albeit predictable ) that Limbaugh was out as a bidder for the St. Louis Rams, I knew straight-away that Fox"News" and conservatives would do their defacto leader's bidding and come to his aid and claim that there is some conspiracy, some double standard, some great travisty that has been perpetrated upon Rush Limbaugh.

The apocalyptic hysteria over Rush Limbaugh’s interest in buying an NFL team is yet another stark reminder of the limits (and double standards) of left-wing tolerance.

Doug Powers lists the cretins the NFL welcomes into the fold. As for partisanship in sports, there’s Obama-philic Steelers owner Dan Rooney. And as Doug pointed out in last month, while the NFL PAC leans left, NFL owners, team officials, players and coaches overwhelmingly favor Republicans.

No matter. Rush-bashers are so desperate to keep him from pursuing his football team ownership dream that they have resorted to fabricating racist quotes.

Par for the course.

And while Malkin's paultry attempt at deflecting attention away from Limbaugh's well documented history of racially divisive language is laughable at best, one has to wonder why she and many others are so upset at the end result of free-market oriented business practices.

And has he really mentioned filing suit for "defamation"? According to HotAir's Allahpundit he has.

If he’s serious about suing for defamation over the false racist quotes attributed to him, he’s now got a claim for damages. Still a tough suit to win but that’s an extra little carrot.

What claim does he even have? A man that has built a 20+ year career out of leveling wild accusations and defaming others doesn't really have a leg to stand on. It's not like he lost anything. It's not like he was already an owner and was fired. He's in the same exact position he was in to start with.

At least he does have a small shred of intellectual honesty to admit that this was a business decision, and one that was bound to happen anyway.

From a business standpoint it’s hard to blame him — seeing the league mentioned in news segments about a “plantation” mentality can’t be good for the bottom line — but I guess that’ll depend on whether Rush tries to exact some sort of economic punishment. Anyone expect southern conservatives to boycott football? Me neither.

One has to wonder why people are so willing to defend a person like Rush Limbaugh. He's an obvious star at Fox Nation where racial animus flows as freely as beer on Super Bowl Sunday. So it's really no suprise that they would shriek and cry out when their champion had been bested, and by his own hubris at that. The company Rush keeps certainly doesn't do a great deal for his image, does it?

Some have even gone so far in their blind following of Limbaugh to claim that he literally embodies the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.

Rush was secure in the truth, and looking back on the EIB experience, I realized that what so appealed to me about Rush was that he treated all people the same, no matter the race. Race was irrelevant

Talk about delusions of grandeur.

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films has the goods on Limbaugh as well.

But let's put aside Limbaugh's comments on race, if we can, for just a moment. How does the NFL benefit from having Limbaugh as part of their organization? He's not just got a history of racially charged language. He's a serial fabricator of the highest order. His revisionist histories have caused millions of people to completely misunderstand the history of not only this country, but the entire world. And let's not forget the "phony soldiers" comments.

Should Limbaugh have a chance at owning a team, owning anything? Of course. He had his chance with the NFL and he lost not because of come liberal conspiracy, not because of fabricated quotations, not because George Soros spoke some cryptic incantation from an ancient tome, it was because of his own ideological and personal follies that he lost.

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