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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stop Trying To Appease Them

It's people like Michelle Bachman and John Boehner that prove Republicans don't want bi-partisanship or openness - they just want to say NO.

Here's Bachman

Why propose a televised, bipartisan meeting on February 25th if the underlying plan has been to pass the Democrats' original health care proposal all along? Well, it's simple. President Obama wants to give the appearance of bipartisan cooperation without without really caring at all. It's one PR stunt after another with this White House, and this latest action is a clear assault on the intelligence of the American people.

And now little-crying-Johnny

I think that's fine, but you know, is this a political event or is this going to be a real conversation?....[I don't ] want to walk into some set-up

It's clear to me that after the metaphorical spanking that Obama delivered to Republicans at their "retreat" earlier in the month that they are actually afraid to not only meet with Obama now but for the entire country to see them get slapped around again. And their defense for this is to attempt to make people think that this is a set-up, that it's all an elaborate plot by Obama, Soros, General Electric, and Keith Olbermann to take over granny's health coverage.

Republicans are so predictable that it's almost not funny anymore.

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