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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exploiting A Tragedy: Fox"News" Style

Admittedly, I initially thought that Joseph Stack would have links to the Tea Baggers. But after carefully reading his manifesto, I started to realize that this man had much more complex problems.

While some conservative bloggers, pundits, and politicos have attacked this situation head-on ( in an attempt to remove any question that this man may have have right-wing, conservative views ) and loudly scolded any and all that make any form of a connection between Stark and the Tea Baggers, they haven't let that stop them from politicizing this event for their own personal gain.

Just take a look at Fox"News".

This is how conservatives create the narrative that the entire Left is out to blame conservatives for everything.

I've already addressed how Scott Brown did precisely what Megyn Kelly was chastising, but it bears repeating that the blatant and unblushing double-standard that is in play on this.

We've still got a great deal to learn about Stack, and none of it is going to be pretty. I'm just hoping that liberals and progressives don't get too caught up in the mire that Fox"News" and conservative talk-radio is highly likely to make of this. After all, they continually push the falsity and Hitler was a Leftist, so what's to stop them from creating a character sheet to reflect the same on Stack?

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