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Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick, Find Someone That's Not White: Pt. II

And I've addressed the accusations of racism within the Tea Bagger movement, but there is something just as valid that should be pointed out.

Exploiting the fact that you have a small fraction of "non-white" people in your alleged "grass-roots" movement is just as bad as denying there is no verifiable evidence that there is latent racism within that same movement.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air highlights a compilation video created by Randy Haddock to show that, yes, we've got black folks too.

Glenn Beck did this same thing no to many weeks ago on his Fox"News" show - bringing together a handful of black people that agree with his inane blatherings just enough to be on television with him.

It's like they're saying "racism doesn't exist because we've got a few black friends". It's exploitative and frankly disgusting. The reality is, that if the limited number of black people that are aligning themselves with the Tea Baggers didn't hold this canted ideological perspective, the predominantly white crowds at all these gatherings wouldn't care one bit about them.

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