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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And All Fox Nutjobs Are The Same

Just watch Steve Doocy prove how much of an idiot he is with this clip

Think Progress goes on to detail how our preconceptions about terrorism and those that use it are rather dangerous.

...the individual in question here, Abdulmutallab, I mean he would not have automatically fit a profile if you were standing next to him in the visa line at Dulles, for example. So it’s the behavior that we’re attempting to profile. And it’s the behavior, these little bits and pieces of information that were in the databases that we didn’t quite stitch together at this point in time. But it wasn’t a question of ethnicity or religion. Those are contributing factors, but it’s what people do that we should be paying attention to.

I'm guessing Doocy also thinks that all black people look alike too.

While some would call Doocy's statements racist, I think they fit more comfortably in the category of patently stupid.

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