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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hush Puppy

I'm thinking that maybe Beck should actually start drinking again.

Beck is a great poster boy for the Tea Baggers, even if he's only participated in in the initial Tax Day Shoutfest last year, as he is completely off the rails insane.

His "eliminationist" rhetoric and that of the Tea Baggers ( expertly analyzed by David Neiwert ) is going to end up getting someone hurt. And it's come close already.

You hear people on the far-right talking about how the Left is "unhinged" ( a favorite meme of the Purse Lipped One, Michelle Malkin ) and yet they are going to bat for people like Glenn Beck like he's the voice of reason. They are ignoring the rank hypocrisy, hate-speech, and revisionist history ( even recent history ) and packaging it like this is the ideology that will save the country, maybe even the whole planet.

But what if it's all an act? What if this is just what Beck is paid to do? It's a possibility, as he took up some very different viewpoints when he was at Headline News. The problem is that people see him as a reliable source, a man they can trust. And that is what makes Beck dangerous - his schtick is canonized as holy writ.

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