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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hand That Feeds

In which Fox & Friends and Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air get the whole "Palin-Palm-Gate" situation completely wrong.

Capt. Eddie McFail-Pants weighs in with typical ignorance for reality.

Honestly, this kerfuffle has me entirely perplexed. Who doesn’t know someone who routinely jots down notes on their hand? In my earlier career, I worked with several people who used this habit, including one of my key direct reports, perhaps one of the most competent people with whom I ever worked. In my mind, having someone at the podium that can speak at length more or less extemporaneously while working from a small set of notes indicates more poise, presence, and preparation than reading a prepared text word for word, although there’s nothing wrong with the latter approach, either. If Palin’s opponents are exerting themselves over the placement of the notes, it tends to indicate that they have no real substantive rebuttal to her speech.

The predictability with which Morrissey and the Three Stooges of Morning Television approach this subject is not only sad, but extremely telling of how conservatives react to a situation within their party.

What should be glaringly obvious is that Palin ( and the entirety of the conservative party ) are attacking Obama for the use of a common speech-giving device that Palin has used herself. But more to the point, the notes written on Palin's palm were utilized during a pre-screened Q&A session where the answers were allegedly what Palin claims to be her "policy platform", something that she should be able to enumerate without notes.

The fact that people scribble crib-notes on their hand is not the issue. What is, is Palin's and the conservative movements utter lack of intellectual honesty and rank hypocrisy.

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