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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Midweek Musical History

Here's something new for your brain to chew on.

Each Wednesday I'll be featuring some musical goodness and where it came from.

Tonight, it's Glenn Danzig.

While Glenn and his band have created some fantastic music, there have been those that have lambasted the man for abandoning his roots. I will pass on responding to those blathering accusations and focus on the music of his that I enjoyed.

First, a live clip of what I think was the greatest track from the How The Gods Kill album.

I can still remember by Sophomore year at Western Kentucky University and listening to the campus radio station and telling myself, "I will have a show here next semester." And I did.

The day I decided to take this challenge, a future friend of mine from this radio station was playing this track on her show. From the Danzig album "4P" the track "I Don't Mind The Pain" was a musical admission to what life had dealt me that year and years to come.

One of Glenn Danzig's main influences - as can be heard through virtually every track he has produced - is Elvis. For me, none other is representative of this as Blood And Tears.

In the late 90s, Glenn made a radical and interesting change to his band with the LP "Blackacidevil", incorporating elements of electronic music with metal. He lost some fans and gained some. For me, this album was an interesting move forward.

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