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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Round One: FIGHT!

And as should have been expected after Bayh's announcement - let the Obama bashing begin.

This does fit in nicely with a recent NYT/CBS poll that shows ( among other things ) that only 6% of respondents believe the Stimulus created jobs.

And while reports as early as March of last year were showing jobs that were to be created, this hasn't stopped the cable news narrative from taking hold of almost all of the country - as the poll clearly shows.

Results of this type of poll show one thing - that people's perceptions of a given thing can be skewed based on their intake of information. Even though the results show only 6% think the stimulus has already created jobs, 42% think the stimulus will create jobs. Coupled together, this shows that a plurality of the American public have faith in the Economic Stimulus Package despite the current storyline being disseminated throughout the media.

But back to Bayh....

The more he speaks about what he will or won't do, the more one gets the sense that he is going to be the first to toss the metaphorical hat into the ring for the Presidency. The only question is whether or not he'll run as a Republican or as a Democrat. After all, his actions of late have certainly caused one to question the validity of the "D" after his name.

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