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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teapot Terrorism? Probably Not.

Here's a quick addendum to my last post.

After reading through the entire "manifesto" left by Joseph Stack, I'm going to say that he's certainly not a Leftist and more than likely not a "traditional" conservative Republican.

In essence, this letter reads like a crime-scene riddled with multiple finger-prints all over the place. You can't really find a coherent narrative, just a man angry at the government and "fat-cats". His letter is a complex portrait of a troubled man with a troubled life, but the answers are in the nuance.

There's more than likely going to be more information on this completely complex storyline over the next 48 hours, but one thing is certain - this was a preplanned act of terror. So, before any reactionary conservatives start to deflect from the issue at hand ( meaning, why would this guy fly a plane into the Austin IRS ) everyone already knows who was President when this happened. But this will likely dominate talk on Fox"News" and conservative talk-radio for the remainder of Obama's tenure.

All logical signs point to the fact that this guy was certainly "off the radar" of any intelligence agency. What that tells me is that comments like Steve Doocy's "all terrorist look alike" are no more irrelevant than ever. Also, the profiling issue is moot, as this guy was a white man with one of the most plain names anyone could have conjured. A white, American, male from Texas.

So tell me this - how would conservative policies and practices on terrorism and spotting terrorists have produced any intel that would have prevented this?

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