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Monday, February 22, 2010

Beck Follower Threatens Twitter User

This was a developing issue over the weekend.

A Twitter user and anti-Beck activist ( @stopbeck ) was threatened with violence because of his tireless crusade to expose Glenn Beck for the hatemongerer he is and to persuade all those that advertised on his program remove their support. So far, his actions have brought a great deal of success.

Laffy at The Political Carnival has more.

The level of hostility and hatred is out of hand. It started to rev up over the summer with the gun-toting, screaming, out of control Tea Tantrumers at town hall meetings. It has crescendoed ever since.

How can there be any expectation of achieving any sort of rational communication when wingnuts such as @vatopdog persist in drowning out civil discourse with outright threats, slurs, bigotry, hate speech, racism, and extremism?

Here is a picture of the man known as @vatopdog, Larry Herrin. His MySpace page shows that he is from Virginia. There are no updates, blogs, or comments on his page, but there is a link to a web-cam that doesn't seem to be working right now.

I'm doing a little more digging on this one, but it looks like there's sparse information on his out there. Also, he has his Twitter timeline protected, so you will have to add him to your follow list to check out his inane ramblings - something I wouldn't exactly recommend.

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