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Monday, February 15, 2010

Cutting Off The Tea-Bagger's Noses

It seems that this could be nothing more than damage control over what happened on Glenn Beck's radio program to Debra Medina

We’ve always banned truthers at RedState. Increasingly, we have also banned a number of individuals who think Barack Obama is disqualified from being President because despite the Republican Governor of Hawaii confirming the legitimacy of the Democratic President’s birth origin as a citizen of the United States these birthers (”birfers” because it sounds as crazy as they are) refuse to move on.

Today I want to reaffirm and make it more definitive. If you think 9/11 was an inside job or you really want to debate whether or not Barack Obama is an American citizen eligible to be President, RedState is not a place for you.

Birfers and Truthers are not welcome here. Period. End of Story.

While Medina is somewhat of a unique case-study in conservative thought ( as most "truthers" are left-leaning in their political ideology ) conspiracy theory runs rampant throughout the Tea-Bagger movement. And even though Medina never made mention of her thoughts on the birth of Barack Obama, this mindset makes up a massive amount of Tea-Bagger participants. At this point in the game, Medina is essentially the lone Tea-Bagger-Truther, though many Ron Paul supporters are activists in this particular movement and hold the "9/11 Truth" mantra as one of their key pillars. So in that regard, it's safe to say that there are more people like Medina than have yet to be "outed".

In the end, though Erickson thinks this a wise move that will preserve the integrity of RedState, it's just another example of how the Tea-Baggers are being destroyed by their own and outed as the most fringe of wingnuts and with diminishing political foothold.

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