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Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's Hero Though

It seems that Joseph Stack's daughter considers his suicidal run into an IRS building in Texas an act of "heroism".

The daughter of a man who crashed his small plane into an Internal Revenue Service building called her father a hero for his anti-government views but said his actions, which killed a tax service employee, were "inappropriate."

Joe Stack's adult daughter, Samantha Bell, spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" from her home in Norway. Asked during a phone interview broadcast Monday if she considered her father a hero, she said: "Yes. Because now maybe people will listen."

The question is now this - who is Stack a "hero" for? Apparently his daughter, but there is much more to this. I think we all know that.

Certainly, the anti-government fringe would consider Joseph Stack's actions heroic, but what exactly is his political alignment? I'm not asking this in order to expressly place blame on one political ideology or another, but this would give great insight into who this man was and how he viewed not just the IRS, but the world.

Again, I'm backing off from calling this guy a Tea Bagger, but there are answers out these that need to be sought.

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