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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tea Baggers Preparing For War?

The more examples we see like this, the more you start to realize that conservative "values" are nothing more than a pollutant and a danger in our current socio-political climate.

The Massachusetts man charged this week with stockpiling weapons after saying he feared an imminent "Armageddon" appears to have been active in the Tea Party movement, and saw Sarah Palin, who he said is on a "righteous 'Mission from God,'" as the only figure capable of averting the destruction of society.

...Gregory Girard, a Manchester technology consultant, was found with a stash of military grade weapons, explosive devices including tear gas and pepper ball canisters, camouflage clothing, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests and helmets, and night vision goggles, say police. They believe Girard, who pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, was "preparing for domestic and political turmoil," and feared martial law would soon be imposed.

Girard's personal Tea Bagger webpage contains the all too familiar ramblings of a person so diluted with misinformation and abject rage against some shadowy oppressor that the pieces begin to fit together nicely, though you wouldn't be able to tell it just from the seemingly "ordinary" looking guy from the photo above.

And if you're thinking that this sort of reaction from a Tea Bagger is familiar, you're right.

GottaLaff over at the Political Carnival has the photo of the weapons seized.

And don't expect this story to be covered by the bulk of the media, most certainly Fox"News". Although, I am expecting someone like Breitbart to claim that this man's 2nd Amendment Rights were taken away.

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