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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is A Gay Conservative?

Hot Air does a little damage control after Bryan Fischer's and Ryan Sorba's anti-gay rant at CPAC10:

Someone using the internet handle of "Doctor Zero" over at Hot Air took to the challenge of not only defending the websites new corporate masters as well as standing up for people he/she refers to in the title as "gay conservatives".

While the author's seemingly endless preamble dives headlong into the issue without really addressing who this mysterious group of people are - aside from mentioning GOPROUD a few times - he/she really didn't "defend" anyone, instead favoring ideological babbling and attacking the actions of the Obama administration that focus on what was apparently his/her intended thesis. This, at least to me, is not surprising in any way.

This has lead me to ask the following question - how can one honestly be a gay conservative?

Certainly, there are people within the gay community that hold conservative ideals ( low taxes, personal responsibility, limited government intrusion, et al ) but when you see how the modern conservative movement reacts to everything ( and has limited ideas on how to better the country ) you begin to wonder exactly why anyone within the gay community would want to be seen as a part of that movement.


Darius Whiteplume said...

I find gay conservatives just as hard to understand as female or minority conservatives. No matter how big their claimed tent is, the rEpublican party is the white protestant party. They only want you on election day, then you can go to hell.

It is weird how many people in the skin trade are conservatives. Russ Meyer was a rEpublican from all I've read, and a strip club I go to has Faux News playing behind the bar. It is all so odd.

I guess it has something to do with the anti-patriotism slur that has dogged the Democrats since Nixon was in office. Still, why join a party that despises your very existence?

aironlater said...

And the "Red States" consume the most pornography. Utah tops the list for that one. Go figure.

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