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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Distance Between Them

Here's another clip of Tony Perkins whining.

I completely understand that one doesn't have to be a Republican to be a "conservative", but the reality of our current socio-political climate is that "conservativism" has become a fringe ideology, almost a theology to a certain degree. And those that claim to hold these ideals are primarily Republicans.

For all of Perkin's lofty rhetoric, he is largely ignoring the fact that conservative practices have been a plague on this nation, save the practices of Bill Clinton ( budget surplus, strong economy, welfare rolls shrank ) since those that espouse them rarely put them into practice. It's what these alleged conservative champion do act upon that has caused many of the troubles we face today.

It's already been pointed out to the Tea Baggers by their princess, Sarah Palin, that they will have to choose a political party in the upcoming elections. Who do you think they are going to choose, Tony?

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