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Monday, February 22, 2010

I Know You Are But What Am I

The Tea Baggers are playing the "Pee Wee Herman" defense here. Just take a look at the add and then we'll talk about the preposterous nature of this line of reasoning.

Yep, another episode of "Quick, Find Someone That's Not White". I've seen one of these women in at least three other response videos, and the other 8 ( as one is a duplicate ) hardly disproves that the Tea Bagger movement is at least 90% "white".

Now, should Olbermann show up at this Dallas event ( I'm of the mind that he should, just to show that he's not intimidated by this lot ) he would most certainly be shouted down or someone would likely attempt to attack him and the whole episode would be just that - an episode.

What exactly are they attempting to prove?

I'm sure that the Tea Baggers would likely ask the same of Olbermann, but one has to wonder why they are still attempting to claim that a very microscopic minority within their movement erases all traces of racism. It's the same argument used by conservatives everywhere - Obama was elected so there's no more racism, unless you're a Democrat.

It will be interesting to see how Keith responds to this tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the "hello?" lady is katrina pierson

just give that about 15 seconds...

her "hello?", in the background are suburban homes of the well-to-do...i know dallas, i lived there for 20 would have been more effective had they interviewed some people in east dallas, south dallas, poor dallas...where the taquerias are, or where black communities have been for generations...

hard pressed to find teabaggers there, i imagine...but go north, allen, plano, carrollton, which looks just like the neighborhood she's standing in? you better believe it...that's where george bush turnpike is...

and let me tell you what else, she is rare up there for her brother lives in a "community" like that, 1 indian family on the whole statistics reflect it as well...

so in a sense "where" is indeed the question...

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